What a weekend!

Friday morning while Derrick was in the shower, I was in the laundry room. There was a leak from the upstairs shower! So, Saturday we got everything pulled out of the laundry room and found the problem. Lucky for us, it was nothing a little bit of caulk can't fix. Since we had everything out, we decided to redo our laundry room. For those that have seen our house, you know the lime green walls just had to go.
Anyhow, we are about halfway done and will finish it next weekend. It already looks a million times better and I am so excited to see the finished product! I will post pictures when it is done.
I never realized how much we use the computer. On Friday, our cord stopped working that charges our laptop. It is seriously such a pain to go without a computer and I don't know how you can live without them. I guess my biggest thing is that as a photographer, I had tons of pictures that I still need to edit and the ones I am doing for my cousin take about an hour to change four pictures. I am changing them to sepia, B&W and an aged finish along with formatting the original to an 8x10 and adding my logo. If we had the money I would get a faster computer but for the time being, this will serve my purpose.

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  1. I SOOOOOO feel the pain. Wish money grew on trees and I wish I had a way nice fast computer. Let's keep wishing! =o)