Fun Fridays...

I have started "fun Friday's" with Kyah and Jaxon. It is so fun to get out with them and Madi and see different things. This week they didn't come on Friday so we had to go on Wednesday. We went into down town to the Church History Museum. On the main floor it has some of the early history of the church. They have beds that replicate the bunks you would find in a ship that some of the early saints came to America on. I asked Jaxon if he liked it and what he would think of trading his bed for that. He was all for it! :D
Madi even climbed in the bunk...
Cute Kyah in the bunks...They have a special exhibit for the kids right now to celebrate being a child of God. Everything is hands on and was so much fun for the kids. We spent two or three hours there. Poor Madi was so super tired and had a hard time. On top of being tired she has pretty bad allergies and all the flowers around there were making them crazy. Her eyes were red and puffy the whole day.
she did finally crack a few smiles when she saw herself. She LOVES to look at herself whether it's in a mirror or in a picture. It is so cute to see.
Madi LOVES kisses. She gives herself kisses in the mirror when she sees herself. My new favorite thing that she does is when Derrick and I kiss, she will blow air kisses letting us know she wants kisses too! It is the cutest thing ever!
So happy...
Madi did finally give up and fell asleep...
One of the activities they had for the kids was to make a stained glass window. They had a big one the kids could make and then they had vellum "windows" that they could color and put up to a light board. Kyah loved this activity and colored several.
I LOVE this picture of Jaxon. He is such a sweet, thoughtful boy and such a handful! :D He is full of energy and loves to learn new things. That is one of the things I like best about my time with him. Hopefully he will learn something from me. :D
After the museum we met up with Derrick for a little picnic. Then we headed to the conference center for a tour. They were such troopers. Poor Kyah was worn out. She was tired of walking so we took a little rest before we started the tour.
At the end of the tour they take you to the gardens on the roof. It is so beautiful and I would love to be able to just be there and look and not be rushed through on a tour. Maybe someday but right now it is only open for tours. Our tour guide took a picture of us at the end. (Notice Madi and Kyah. Madi was nice enough to share her stroller when Kyah couldn't go anymore.) Jaxon and Kyah are so sweet to Madi.I think we had a great time and the kids weren't ready to go home. We are going to go back another time and see some more. I really wore them out... Jaxon does NOT take naps but...
This is how they looked by the time we got home. :D



Temple Square...

We met up with Nicholas and his family, Bekka and Holly at Temple Square to see the new temple replica. It was really cool to see. Madi shared her stroller with Brenton for a few minutes but then she tried to climb out. :D So beautiful!
My baby!
Lovin' some time with auntie Bekka!
There was a super nice lady who took a picture of all the group. (Christina had gone to get a drink and we weren't sure if she would come back out or meet us in there. :()
I love to see the temple!!!

a day at the park...

I decided that on Fridays we are going to go on a "field trip". Last week we went to Castle Heights park. It is so fun for the kids and is huge! Jaxon and Kyah had a blast playing on everything. Madi was happier sitting in the shade with mom and watching Jaxon and Kyah chase each other through the different levels.
Playin' with her ball
Madi has another tooth! You can see it peekin' through on the bottom right. This is her 7th!


We got a wiggle sprinkler for Madi. Since she doesn't love the feel of grass, she doesn't play in it long. :D
All done!

Happy Birthday Jaxon!!!

On Wednesdays and Fridays I watch my friends kids, Jaxon and Kyah. Jaxon turned 5 on the 12th so on the 11th we went to the Ogden Dinosaur Park. They got to "mine for stones". Jaxon got a ton! Kyah was funny. She would only pick up the pink or purple stones. If she found others she would give them to Jaxon. :D
Kyah diggin'...
Madi patiently waiting...
Check out what they found!!!
This is a wholly rhino. Madi wasn't to sure about it but still touched it.
Kyah said her hand was too small. I LOVE her face in this one!
Jaxon's favorite dinosaur is the Triceratops. This is a footprint of one.
It rained almost the whole time we were there. We still had a great time though!
Totally soaked!!!


my girl...


Madi has tried watermelon a couple times but last night she got her "real" first taste. We gave her a wedge and she LOVED it!She did get a little frusterated trying to get it into her mouth.She would pick at it for a minute and try to eat it that way.but before long she decided she was going to eat it like mom and dad. She picked it up and tried every way to get it into her mouth.So cute!!!