My goal was for Madi to not watch TV until she was two, but Taylor (the girl I watch) falls asleep best to a movie so after lunch we put on a Disney movie. Now, Madi is addicted!!! :D
Left to right: Madi, Darby and Taylor (Darby is Taylor's sister. She's out for Christmas break.)She's so cute!!!
On Christmas she watched basketball with her dad and I noticed that she was glued to the TV so I started talking to her and trying to get her attention. After three or four minutes Derrick blocked the TV and she cried! She really doesn't get to watch it very much but I am shocked at how fast she gets mesmorized by it!


An update on our week...

Since I still wasn't getting better, I went to the doctor Monday. They did some blood tests and sent me on my way with a perscription for an eye infection. Thursday they called and said my white cells were high which indicates a bacterial infection so they called in an antibiotic and they told me I have epstien bar virus. Since it is a virus the only thing to do is get plenty of rest and drink fluids. At least I know why I'm not getting better. Hopefully it will go quickly.
Madi tried rice cereal this week. She is not a fan. She is getting so close to rolling from her back to her tummy. She is still droolin' away but no teeth. I love the drool picture of her because it is exactly how she is! She is getting chunky EVERYWHERE! I love it! She is such a sweetheart!
Derrick has been busy workin' and do stuff with Elder's Quorum. He enjoys his calling and the guys he works with. He is such a great husband and a wonderful dad. Madi adores him.

A sneak peek...

My family has a Christmas party every year and Santa comes and brings a present for each kid. Since we have been sick, we stayed home. We did let Madi open her present though. As you can see, Christmas is going to be much more exciting for Derrick and I than Madi. Next year will be so much funner!!! :D


Our chatter box...

Madi has started talking so much! It is fun to hear all the sounds that she makes. I love it!!!


Madi had her first taste of rice cereal and she did NOT like it. The next day we added a little banana to it and she did better but was still not to excited. We have decided we are going to wait another month or two and try again.


Our Christmas Card...

Because there are so many we love and it just isn't possible for us to send this to everyone, we are including it on our blog. Daddy
Enjoys fantasy sports
Really loves being a daddy
Ready for spring
Is willing to serve
Counselor in the elders quorum
Kind to all
Enjoys being a mom
Loves her hubby and little girl
Is glad the Primary Program is done for the year
Second counselor in the Primary
Stay at home mom
Always sick (at least it seems that way :D)
Daddy's girl
Incredibly beautiful
Spoiled (and rightfully so :D)
Our precious gift
Needs her diaper changed so gotta go...
Merry Christmas!!! We love you all!!!
Derrick, Melissa and Madi



Congratulations to my little brother Joshua! His football team made it to the state finals! That is HUGE in Texas. Good luck at state Jay! You can check out his picture at http://wyliesports.com/. He is #64! Go bulldogs!!!

Ward Christmas Party...

We had our ward Christmas party last Friday. We only stayed for dinner since Madi was sick, but the food was SOOO good! They had chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, green beans and chicken nuggets and mac and cheese for the kids. Everyone brought desserts and we had a great time! We had so many comments on how cute Madi's hat is. We love it too! Mommy and Madi
Daddy and Madi Daddy, Madi and Mommy

Little Miss Sunshine...

I saw these glasses in the dollar bin at Target and had to get them. They are a little too big right now but hopefully by the summer they will be perfect. She loves them and I think she looks ADORABLE! Madi had her four month checkup yesterday and other than having a herendous cold/cough, they said she is perfect!
Weight: 13 lbs 4.5 oz ~ 50th percentile
Length: 22 1/4" ~ 25th percentile
Her doctor said it is likely that she will have a cold all winter but this one is really bad. She gave it too me and I have felt awful for three days! I've had body aches, chills, and a really bad sore throat. I would LOVE to go a whole month and have Derrick, Madi and I all be healthy. I can wish can't I. :)
Still no teeth but she continues to drool a ton! She is more and more chatty every day. We are going to start her on rice cereal this week. We will see how that goes.


Madi's Ornament

One of our traditions is to get a new ornament each year. This year that went to Madi.Daddy helped her put it on the treeHe had to "help" her let go :)
We will replace her picture with one from Christmas morning


Two in a row...

Madi has slept until about 7:00 two nights in a row!!! I hope this continues. It has been SOO nice!!! She is four months now and is as fun as ever! Her personality shows more each day. Since she is teething she is a drool machine! Her dad said she's like a "cute St. Bernard". I had to laugh because it's so true!!! Pictures to come soon.