Memorial Day weekend...

We had a great Memorial Day weekend!  We had tons of fun seeing family on Saturday and then were so glad to have an extra day with Derrick.  We decided to take the kids swimming for FHE.  It was Easton's first time and I am totally bummed that I didn't bring my camera in.  Madi LOVED it and Easton really seemed to enjoy relaxing in the water and seeing all the people.
 What am I going to do with these bangs???  We are trying to grow them out so we don't want to cut them but the poor girl has them in her eyes all day long because she won't keep her barrette in.
 Here is our little dude all ready for the pool.  Good thing we had a pair of trunks that can cinch up good! :D
 Here is try # 24,357...
The best part of swimming is that it totally tired the kids out.  Easton slept from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am!  I was up checking to make sure he was still alive but it was still a good night for all of us!

My cuties...

My little Madi is getting so big and she reminds me several times a day.  She is always saying " I big!" and "I cute!"  Being big and being cute means she has to do everything herself and she thinks she runs the house.  I can't believe she is going to be two years old in two months.  It seems crazy how quick the time has gone.
This is Madi's new smile.  Whenever I grab the camera her tongue comes out.  What a pretty sight! :D
I have been trying to get a cute picture of the two of them since Easton got home from the hospital.  Madi is determined to keep me trying!
How cute is this little guy?!?!?!  I just love having him in our family.  He is such a sweetheart.  He loves to cuddle with us which I LOVE!



Yesterday I got out our little activity pad for Easton.  As soon as I set it on the floor Madi was right there to play with Easton on it.  I think she enjoyed it more than he did.  It was a sweet moment for me to see her playing with him.
 Easton really enjoyed it for ten minutes or so and then he was done.
 I just can't get over how cute he is!!!

Five weeks...

It  is hard to believe that this sweet little boy is already five weeks old.  He is beginning to lose the newborn look which makes me a little sad.  I love those first few weeks with my little ones and wished they lasted a little bit longer. 
 Easton has LONG fingers and feet.  Basketball player?  Pianist?  Only time will tell.
 I am in love!  He melts my heart.  He makes the cutest faces.  I could kiss those little cheeks all day long!
 Easton is a binki boy!  We have even caught him sucking his thumb a time or two.  When he's awake he will hold his binki like this a lot of the time.
 Easton has been a fairly easy baby.  He does like to be held lately which I don't mind at all but Madi isn't too thrilled about.  She has actually done relatively well.  She does have her jealous moments but we expected some of that.


Congratulations to the newest nurse at Abilene Regional Hospital's ICU...
...my MOM!!!


Poor Bekka...

Bekka didn't even make it out of the MTC before having issues.  Yesterday I got a call saying she was in the hospital and would be going in for surgery to remove a softball size cyst from her ovary.  They also found a pea size cyst on the other ovary and found her tube was twisted three times around.  The nurses were great to let us break the two person rule.  It was really a small room so I think the most we had back at a time was seven.  She is very lucky to have a nurse for her comp.  Sister Mix was great to help hold barf bags and all that.  She is in good hands.  She is pretty bummed about staying in the MTC an extra week though.  It was fun to see her but would have been better under different circumstances.  We love you Bekka and hope you feel better soon!!!


Ode to Parker...

In February I went to my brother's in WA for a week.  My cute nephew, Parker, LOVES Thomas.  This is the only time Madi has been exposed to Thomas but she has not forgotten him.  My sister, Bekka, left gifts for me to give our nieces and nephews when they come this summer but she wasn't able to get Brenton's and Parker's so she gave me money and instructions.  I bought them Thomas pj's and since I got them on such a great deal I got a couple sizes for Easton when he gets older.  Madi was SO excited about Thomas.  She wouldn't let them go until I agreed to put them on her.  So, Easton has to share his Thomas jammies with Madi.  As soon as she woke up she wanted me to wash them and then wanted to wear them again last night.  My silly girl looks like a little boy! 
As soon as she puts anything on she asks to look in the mirror.  Then she tells me "I tute!"  Yep baby, you are cute!
Annie... Madi has taken over the bottle cleaner.  She thanks you for her new brush! :D


Soakin' up the sunshine...

Last week we had some beautiful weather!  It was in the 80's and blue skies.  We took advantage of it and turned on the sprinklers.  Madi was a little hesitant at first and wanted to play with a cup.  Whatever makes her happy. :D
 Madi has found her belly button and LOVES to show it to anyone that will look.
 I told her to cover it up and this is what she gives me...
 Madi is so pretty.  She is turning into a little girl.  She isn't my baby any more.  She wants to do everything on her own.  She is a good helper.  She is sweet to her brother (except the last week or so).  She wants to try new things.  She wants to do things that she is not yet ready for but thinks she is.  She surprises me with some of the things she says, some of the things she does...
 She notices everything, especially animals.  She is pointing out the airplane that is flying by.
 Once she started playing in the water I couldn't keep her out.  She would fill up the cup and then dump it and fill it up again. 
 Not sure why she needed a cup though... :D

Three weeks and a day...

Ok, I am totally behind on my blog.  I was supposed to post this on the 12th.  That is the day he had his two week check up.  (Our doctor and nurse practitioner [they are married] decided to take May off so they are running behind at the office.)

Easton's stats:
Weight: 7 lbs 3 oz  -  20%
Height: 20" -  25%
Head: 14.25"

He is doing great!  He eats good.  He mostly snacks during the day and then stocks up at night.  He sleeps GREAT!  He eats between 9 and 10 before we go to bed and then wakes up around 3.  Then sleeps until 7.  What more could I ask for?  Derrick is great and gets up with him too so I don't have to do it every night.  I am one lucky lady! :D

Easton failed his first hearing test.  They did another one before we left the hospital and he passed in the left ear but failed the right.  We made an appointment to bring him back on May 10th.  At that appointment he failed both ears.  We have an appointment with an audiologist on the 23rd to see what's going on.  It is bizarre.  It seemed like he was responding and hearing us but now I am not so sure.  I am ready to go so we can see what they say.
Easton likes to be all wrapped up and then he will bury himself even deeper in the blankets.  It makes me nervous but he's oh so cute!  I can hardly believe that he will be a month old on Friday.  It seems unreal.  He is such a perfect part of our family.  I can't imagine him not being ours.  I love you little man!

So long, farewell, auf wiedersen, goodbye...

 Wednesday, May 11, 2011, my little sister entered the MTC.  Bekka is going to the California, San Fernando mission.  Annie made an awesome breakfast, Bekka's fave, stuffed french toast, and then we ran a couple last minute errands.  Our final stop was to grab a smoothie before sending her off.  She was too nervous for anything else.   
(I stole a few pictures from Annie.  Hope you don't mind!)
It is weird to think about her as a missionary.  I remember dropping her off at college not that long ago!
Chris was awesome and agreed to say goodbye across the street so he could sit with Easton.  There wasn't enough room in the car for all of us to go.  Madi had fun playing on the fence.  She kept pointing to the temple and saying "pwitty"
She is such a sweetheart!  Bekka didn't want to let her go.  Madi still talks about Bekka on a daily basis.  She gets excited when she sees her picture. 
And here she is making a wonderful impression as she arrived at the MTC.  We gave quick hugs and said our goodbyes and wiped away the tears.  She turned around and ran right into the #2 sign.  She is good at running into poles.  At least she made a quick recovery.  It was a true "Bekka" moment! :D   
We are so proud of Bekka and that she has made the decision to serve a mission.  She will be wonderful and leave a lasting impact on the lives of those she serves.  We will miss her like crazy while she is gone and look forward to her coming home but are glad she is where she needs to be.  Love ya Beck!

Thanks ladies!!!

On Tuesday, the 10th, my sisters threw me a baby shower.  The best part was seeing my family and my two BFF's from high school.  It has been TOO long since I'd seen them!  I am so grateful for my family and friends that been so generous and wonderful.  It is so fun have some blue!  One of the most special gifts is the blue crocheted blanket.  This will be the blanket we use the day we are sealed and he is blessed.  My Grandma Gurney made it.  My Grandma Baum crocheted the one we used when we were sealed to Madi so when I opened this one I knew that I wanted it to be the one we use for Easton.  Thank you sisters for all you did to put this together!  You are awesome and I love you all!


"I jumpin"...

Madi is my shadow.  She follows me everywhere!  So, I was surprised when she went out with my cousin to jump on the trampoline and actually stayed out there when I went back inside.  She LOVED the trampoline.  She kept yelling to me "I jumpin"! 
 The kids were great with her and didn't bounce her too high.  It was fun to see her play with other kids!



Derrick works for a great company.  One of the things they do is really spoil you with Pepsi gear when you have a new little one.  Easton got a diaper bag (much needed and WAY nicer than the one Madi got), a hooded towel, a hat, a bib, a fleece and a onesie all sporting the Pepsi logo.  Thanks M&M Distributing and Admiral Beverages!


We have a retention pond next to our house.  When Madi goes outside she heads right over there saying "grass" over and over.  Not sure the difference from our grass because they are the same, green and weedy!  For whatever reason, she loves to play over there so I grab a blanket or a chair and go over with her.
 Madi LOVES balls!  Someone left this football over there so she thought it would be fun to play with it.
 Hut, hut, hike!!!
 She has really started liking Disney Princesses, I think because they have so much pink. 
 I LOVE this little face!  I could kiss it all day!  She likes me to take a picture of her and then show her what it looks like.  Sometimes she gets a little too close.
 When Madi gets excited she runs a little too fast for those tiny legs of hers.  It seems like she falls and scrapes her knees every time she plays outside.  On this particular day she scraped them good enough that she had blood running down her leg.  It doesn't even faze her.  She jumps right up and keeps playing.  It wasn't until an hour or two later when we went in and I put neosporen on it that she whined "hurt, hurt".  For at least a week after she will tell you she has owies and point to her knee, then lift her leg up and say "kiss better".  She is so sweet!
 Here is the newest love of my life!  He is such a great little boy.  We all can't get enough of him!
 Madi has been so sweet to him for the most part.  She did kick him the other day on purpose (not hard) because I was taking care of him and she wanted me to blow bubbles and this morning she swatted his face with his diaper when I was changing him.  Not really sure why, but she is sick so maybe she thinks she needs me to herself.
 She really does love him though and wants to help take care of him and love him.  She has to know where he is as soon as she wakes up and goes and gives him kisses right away.  She rubs his head, lays with him, wants to hold him and help feed him.  She is a good little mommy in training!
 Easton is a hairy little guy.  It is so cute, at least at this age!  We love his side burns!
 my little guy...