Since I wanted to see those beautiful eyes, we decided to cut some bangs for Madi.  I've done it several times so wasn't worried at all about doing it myself.  I didn't factor in the fact that she is one.  So, I started to cut and she turned her head leaving them totally uneven and TOTALLY shorter than what we wanted, by at least an inch.  They still aren't even because I couldn't bear to cut any more.  I was so sad.
 But, they do look pretty cute swooped to the side and those bright blue eyes are as beautiful as ever!

The best daddy ever...

I'm a little behind on my blogging.  So, Happy Father's Day to the best daddy ever!!!  This is how he spent his morning.  First he painted Madi's toenails and fingernails and then she returned the favor.  Such sweet moments.


What's happnin'...

Well, we have had a very eventful day so I thought I would update you all at the same time on what is going on with us.

Easton went in for his two month checkup today. He weighs 11 lbs. and is 23" long which is the 50th percentile for both. He is growing well and healing from his circumcision. The only thing that we are worried about is one of his testicles was HUGE compared to the other. The doctor said he has hydracel which is a fluid filled sac around the testicle. He said it isn't anything to be super worried about but he does want me to take him the a pediatric urologist just to be sure there is nothing else. He also went to the ENT today and he has fluid behind his ears which is why he has been failing the hearing tests. So, they don't think he has any permanent hearing loss. They don't do tubes until they are three months old so I take him back on the 11th of July and if he still has fluid (they think he still will) he will need to get tubes. He is starting to hold his head up pretty good. He still wakes up once a night to eat but I can't complain about that. He did great with his shots. He smiles a lot and coos and laughed for the first time yesterday. He has almost outgrown his newborn clothes. 0-3 still look big though. He is so cute and LOVES Madi. He smiles so big when she plays with him.

Madi also went to the ENT today. She has an ear infection. Both her tubes are in her ear canals. They think her tubes got plugged and the pressure popped them out. She also has fluid behind her ears. If she still does when I take them back on the 11th, she will be getting tubes again. That is kind of what the doctor is thinking. She is usually a pretty good helper but has proved to resist punishment. She asks to put herself in the corner or if I ask her she claps her hands and says "yea, corner!" I have started having her sit on her bed and that seems to be working since she HATES being alone. She cries when we drop her off at nursery but absolutely LOVES it. She talks about and gets excited when we get to church. She wants to sing primary songs ALL DAY LONG! She LOVES music and is singing or wants to watch a musical or movie with lots of singing. She knows how to turn on our radio and switch it from am/fm to CD and even knows how to change the CD to hers. She likes the Mamma Mia soundtrack and asks me to sing "Money, money, money" by ABBA all the time. She walks around the house on her tip toes and wants to be in the water any chance she gets. She LOVES her pool and playing in the bath. She doesn't even mind the freezing cold water from the hose, she just hops right in. She adores her friend Guire and his little brother Nash and talks about them several times a day. She is usually so sweet to Easton. She still gets upset when he cries but I can tell her that doesn't help and she will either hold his hand or hug him and say "oh, honey" in a sympathetic voice over and over. (I must call him honey alot.) She likes to cook and always wants to help and know what we are doing. she has started to really like the Disney Princesses, especially Ariel, but Tinkerbell is still her favorite.

As for me, I am still in the primary presidency and I love those little kids in there. I feel like I am not a good enough teacher for them and struggle to know how to teach them how important the Gospel is. I worry that I will teach it wrong or they won't listen or realize what an impact it can have on their lives. It is so important for them to learn it now! They are such amazing little kids and so sweet to be with. I really enjoy seeing them each Sunday and hope that they will learn something from me. I have started watching a little girl that is two weeks older than Madi. It is my friends girl, Kaitlyn. It is fun for Madi to have more friends.

Derrick was released from the Elder's Quorum Presidency almost two months ago and doesn't have a new calling yet. He wants one though. He is still working on becoming A+ certified but doesn't have any interest in it at all so it is hard for him. We have already paid for the training and test though so he is going to get it anyway. He likes his job and looks forward to learning and progressing with the company, making management his career goal with Admiral Beverages (the parent company). He is amazing and always such a great dad and husband.

I am so grateful that he is a M-F, off at 5:00 kind of guy because that is something I always wanted for my husband and kids since I rarely saw my dad. I love that he can be involved with them and they can have the consistency of him being there for them. I am grateful to be able to be home with our children and to teach them and help them as they learn and grow. I love the example Derrick sets for me and our kids of sacrifice and serving. He is one that never has to be asked and is always willing to help. He is a quiet guy but is always thinking about others and how he can help them, especially his family. I love my little family and am so blessed to have them in my life.



WARNING: Due the the graphic nature of this post, please proceed with caution (I say penis)...
Today Easton got circumcised.  I know what you are thinking...  Why did we wait so long?  Well, I wanted it done at the hospital when he was born.  The pediatrician there told us that Easton didn't have enough foreskin to do the ring and that is the only kind he did.  He told us it isn't a big deal and just do it at our two week appointment.  Easton's pediatrician went to Africa for the month of May.  We saw his nurse practitioner and she told us that she had only performed one circumcision and we should probably wait for Dr. Wade to come back.  She assured us that it was fine to wait, we just need to make sure we have it done before he turns one. 
Since it didn't seem like anyone thought I needed to get it done right away, I figured I would just do it the same time I do his two month check up.  I called this morning to schedule that and the receptionist started freaking out.  She wanted to know how far away I live because I should have already had that done and we couldn't wait until next week (when his two month check up is) and said it is much harder the older they are and so on and so forth. 
Well, everyone of them were right.  It can be done later.  Our doc even said he has done it on an adult.  However, it is harder on all involved.  Even at two months the nerves in the penis are more developed.  They gave Easton the numbing shot and it didn't work.  The poor boy felt the whole thing.  The other draw back... the older you are the more risk of bleeding.  We came home and when I changed his diaper his penis started gushing blood.  I called the doctor and they told me to bring him back.  (Our doctor is in south Bountiful so about 35 minutes away).  So, I brought him back.  They tried to cauterize the spots that were bleeding but it didn't work so in the end, Easton has four stitches, lots of cauterizing and a VERY sore and swollen penis.  If I had known I would totally have brought him sooner.  The poor guy!!!   


The Wood Connection...

Ok, you all know that I LOVE the Wood Connection.  They are having a contest.  Here's the details:

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You really should check them out!

Picture overload...

This morning we met up with Chantel and her boys at the Riverdale splash park.  I love this place!  (Free fun is always nice.  Wish we had one in West Point.)  Madi is loves getting wet, splashing and playing in the water but DOES NOT love getting it in her face.  She still seems to have fun and like the park though but was not as fun to watch as Guire.  He was really brave and didn't even hesitate before he ran in and got all wet!

Easton relaxed in his stroller while the kids played.  It has been such great weather lately.  I love it! 
I love Easton's eyelashes.  They are so long.  He has beautiful eyes!

A perfect Monday...

Yesterday was such a great day!  Why???  Mostly because Derrick only had to work a half day but also because it was a nice, sunny, relaxing, lazy day.  It began with big smiles and coos from that beautiful baby of mine.  I love this stage where they really start to show their personality and respond and play.  (It's also how I finished my day :D)  When Derrick got home it was off to the court house to get temporary custody of Easton.  (It is just a technicality we had to do this time since we did a private adoption.  We've had custody since he was born.)  We came home to a smiley girl and although we had planned on going to Tracy Aviary, Madi wanted to go swimming.  Surprise, surprise! :D  We had already planned on stopping to see Grandma and Grandpa Hawkins so we put on our suits, grabbed our towels and went to the South Davis Rec Center in Bountiful.  It is one of our favorite pools and since it is summer the outside portion was open.  It was the first time Madi has been able to go out there and she LOVED the pirate boat and the shallower pool.  The sun had heated it up quite nicely and it was about the temperature of Easton's bath water.  We put him in the tube and he yawned and fell fast asleep!
I tried to get a picture of Madi with him but she wanted to play, not have her pictures taken.  So, we splashed and played and swam and slid down the slide and floated through the lazy river and swam some more.  Before we left I grabbed my camera again and snapped a few shots.  Easton woke up and enjoyed the water with his daddy.   
What is it about black and white that makes the picture so much more precious???  I love this one of the two of them. 
Madi is starting to be more and more brave around the water which excites me but also makes me worry.  We need to get her in swimming lessons.  Maybe in the fall we will take a mommy/daddy and me class with both of them.  (I think they have to be six months so we will wait for Easton.)   
Madi LOVES LOVES LOVES to jump lately so she was thrilled when she got to "jump" off Derrick's legs.  He is such a great daddy to our kids!   
We tried to teach her a few things yesterday.  We let her hang onto the wall by herself.  We taught her to blow bubbles in the water.  We let her float on her back (of course she held onto me with a death grip).  We let her kick.   
Here she is, swimmin'... 
When we told her it was time to go she was not happy.  We got her out and put her towel on and next thing we know she is making a mad dash for the pool.  We promised to bring her back and she did leave happy but has already told me today "swimmin, daddy, eaton, mama, pool".  She'll have to wait til another day. 
After the pool we went a spent a few hours with Grandma and Grandpa, had yummy hamburgers and strawberry shortcake and put the kids to bed early.

Our little fish...

Madi tells me every morning that she wants to go swimming and pretty much every day she plays in the water.  She loves to splash and play in her pool and thinks that EVERY ball we have should be in there with her.
 She likes to sit on the sides and bounce.  She says "I jumpin!"
 She is a brave little girl and doesn't even care if the water is cold.  She will get right in the pool with the hose water running into it.  We got her a turtle that swims and she keeps calling it a bug.  I love it!


So sweet...

Can't wait...

It was in the 70's yesterday so we went to play outside.  Madi likes to splash her hands in her pool when we are out back.  Yesterday though, she was done waiting to get in.  Her pool was filled with FREEZING cold rain water and in she went.  It didn't even faze her.  She had a blast splashing around and playing with her balls.

A day at the zoo...

Chantel and I took the kids to the zoo today.  (Note to self... don't go to the zoo the last week of school EVER again!)  It was a mad house, kids everywhere!!!  We still had a lot of fun though.  Chantel's mom and her nephew came with us too.
They have Zoorassic Park right now and have brought in these cute little horses.  The kids didn't want to get off.
 This was Easton's first trip to the zoo.  Of course he just slept the whole day. :D
 Me and my little ones.  It isn't very often I get a picture with them.  Thanks Chantel!
 Little Miss Madi...
 Madi really wanted to hold Guire's hand but Guire wanted none of that!  Then while we were watching the elephant show she gave him a hug and then struck this pose.  Guire wasn't totally cool with that either. :D
 I love that they are friends!  Madi talks about him all the time!
 My pretty little lady...
 Madi didn't want to see the gorilla's.  She told me that even before we left our house.  They scare her. 
 They had lots of dinosaurs and even one the kids got to play on.
 This one's for you, Jayden!
 The kids were wiped out!  We called it a day!
 Of course since it was Easton's first trip I had to get some pictures for his baby book.  Madi wasn't having it.
 But, I got a few cute ones of my little dude...