Lazy days...

We had a nice relaxing weekend. It was much needed. We went to see The Proposal. It was a cute movie but had two parts that could've been left out. We went to dinner and rented Confessions of a Shopaholic. That was a cute movie too. Yesterday we relaxed and played games. We went to bed early every night. It was so nice.


Miscellaneous of our trip...

I have to apologize for the LONG posts of pictures from our trip but really, I've done well, since we took over 2,000 pictures. Here's the last of them and they are just random ones of the family. I will actually do one more post from the trip of our family pics that we took there but they need editing first. :)
Ava Daniel and Ava
Handsome little Parker
On Friday, the guys decided to have an arm wrestling contest among other things. Here is Nicholas and Derrick.And the winner is....
(actually, he beat all the guys! What a champ!)
Sisters... Whitney and Caitlin
Isn't Ava the cutest thing ever?!? I wish she lived closer so we could see her more.
I LOVE the curls in Caitlin's hair. I hope my little girls have curls!
Rachel and Caitlin


A baby shower for Christina...

Christina is pregnant and due August 17th with a boy. We thought it would be fun to have a little baby shower for her while we were up there. We played some fun games and enjoyed some girl time.Erin and WhitneyCaitlin was so mesmorized by this gameChristina opening Brenton's outfit

We had alot of fun and are so excited that our little one will have a friend the same age!

Thursday: Yellowstone - The animals were out...

We saw buffalo just about everywhere this year in the park. We were stopped by them MANY times. :)The plan was to go to Old Faithful and the hot pots today.Me, Chris and Mom waiting for everyone to get there. (These rockers were comfy but $575! WHOA!)This is on the trail to Morning Glory. The calfs were hopping and chasing each other all over! They were so cute.Caitlin didn't want to ride in her stroller... but, she didn't want to walk either. :D This is when it was my turn to carry her.This is her mom, Christina. She took her turn too! What a cute grin.Daniel and Erin at Morning GloryMorning GloryChris, Kelin, Mom, Me and RachelCaitlin, Christina, Whitney and KelinMe and DerrickThese are female big horn sheep with their babies. They were fun to watch climb the cliffsEveryone said the place to see the animals is Lamar Valley. Sure enough, we saw almost everything we wanted to see there. Here is a coyote.A big horn sheep This is my favorite. We were driving and there was a bunch of cars looking at something. We stopped and got out to walk to the other side of the hill to see what they were watching and right as I got it in view people ran to their cars and I saw a black bear coming towards the road. I yelled for everyone to get back in the car and Chris just stood there. I told him to come on and he said "he stopped" so I headed back to take pictures but told Derrick to pull up so I could get in quicker if he ran toward us. He came to the side of the road and Chris and I stood in the middle od the lane taking pictures of him. He was only 10 or 15 feet away. Everyone on the other end was yelling "Get in your car morons!" and stuff like that. We got some AWESOME pictures though. I think he must have been scared of us because he just sat and watched us and then as soon as we got into the car he ran across the road and over the hill as quick as he could and was gone. It was one of the highlights of our trip! :DSome more buffalo friends. The calves were so cute!Here is a wolf. They had killed something that morning and this one was guarding the kill while the others would take trips hauling it to their den. It was actually pretty far off the road and kind of hard to see but was still really cool! We had dinner at an overpriced resteraunt in Montana and then headed back towards the cabin hoping to make it before the closures for construction. We saw another black bear close to the road but didn't have time to stop. We didn't make it and had to go all the way around the east part of the loop and arounf the lower loop to get out of the park. We didn't get home until around 1:30 am! It was worth it though for the animals we got to see!


The countdown's on...

Mindy was able to go to Baby Your Baby and we have a due date! They said August 28th but Mindy thinks she will go early (which we are TOTALLY fine with as long as both Mindy and baby are ok) and they said everything looks good. She will still have to find a doctor that will take her for the rest of the pregnancy but we are glad that we know things are going well. We are so excited that I can hardly stand it! One of the girls at my work just had her little boy last week and looking at the pictures of him makes me ache to hold mine. Thank you so much Mindy for the amazing blessing you are to us!

Some of the beauties of Yellowstone...

I love this picture! The fog made everything so pretty.


More from Wednesday: Yellowstone

Another picture from Towers. Mom, Caitlin, Nicholas and Kelin At Undine Falls pull off. Undine Falls Our next stop was Mammoth Hot Springs. Most of them were dried up but they still looked cool!

By this time some of us were burnt out and headed back the cabin. The rest of us forged ahead to Norris. Front to back: Christina, Tiffany, Rachel, Whitney, Nicholas, Caitlin, Joshua, Andrew, Bekka, Kelin and me On our way home we saw three bald eagles. They were really cool to see this close!