a BOY!
At least for now.  The doc did a quick ultrasound yesterday but the 'real' one isn't until the 10th.  We all feel like it is a boy though and with the doc's unofficial confirmation, we are gearing up to sell our PINK in exchange for some BLUE!  (If you need a pink swing, bouncer, carseat or stroller let us know.)


Our little monkey...

Madi LOVES to climb.  Last week she found "new" things to climb.  She figured out how to climb onto the couch by herself and the same day she figured out how to climb onto our kitchen chairs.  Since she can already push the chairs she can get into anything!  She has climbed on the table, the counters, and here, she was unloading the the kitchen sink for me!  What a good little helper! 
The part that REALLY makes me nervous though is when she stands on the bar like she is starting in this picture.  What am I going to do with her? :) 

Pop pop...


Madi picked out a Disney Princess bubble wand for going potty in the toilet.  She has LOVED playing with them.


Let it snow...

Last Wednesday night Madi was insistant that she wanted to go play outside.  She kept signing "hat" and pointing to the door.  So, I got her bundled up and then we went outside to play.  She had never played in the snow before so I was excited to see how she would act. 
 At first she wasn't too sure but she warmed up to it quickly and has wanted to play in it every time we have gone outside!  We are gonna get a sled so we can take her sledding.  I can't wait!



Madi just took her first steps! 
So exciting! 
Tried to video some but she wanted to go to bed by the time I got the camera out.  I will try tomorrow.

Is it possible???

Is it really possible for this girl to get any cuter?  To me she does every day.  I love when she wakes up each morning and I can hear her chattering from her crib.  I love the big smile she gets when I poke my head in her room to get her up.  I love that she gives me a big kiss as soon as I pick her up.  I love that she is a daddy's girl.  I love how excited she is to be with him and how much she loves him.  I love that she will bring me books and want me to read them to her.  She is such a sweet little angel and I am grateful for every moment I have with her!
I think she is making some progress towards walking.  She has a toy that she pushes around the house.  Until last week she had been pushing it around on her knees.  She has started walking when she pushes it around now.  She is also starting to stand without holding onto anything.  She has been able to do this for a while but just hasn't been brave enough to do it for any amount of time.  I am crossing my fingers that she will be walking before the end of the year.
I thought this picture was cute.  It looks like she is getting all ready for her prayers.
Madi is starting to talk a lot more.  This morning she kept saying bottle over and over.  I wasn't understanding her and so she signed milk.  I LOVE that she can sign.  It helps so much! 

CrAZy bUsy...

We had a SUPER busy weekend but it was a great one!  Saturday we spent the day with Mindy and then took Madi to the Mayan.  She LOVED to divers and the atmosphere.  Derrick and I remembered why we hadn't taken her there yet... we don't like their food.  It was fun to watch Madi though so it was worth it I guess.  We want to take her to the Rain Forest Cafe.  She would go NUTS there! 
After the Mayan we headed to Orem for the annual Baum Family Christmas party.  It was great to see everyone.  We had to leave before Santa came and I was bummed about that but my cousin got married Saturday so we went to her reception.  She looked amazing!  I didn't get a picture of her and I wish I had.  It was a little weird to think she is old enough to be married because I can remember babysitting her as a baby.  Man I feel OLD! 
 We spent the night at Christopher and Annie's.  We always have fun with them and enjoy the time we are able to spend with them.  Early Sunday morning we drove to Payson for the blessing of my newest cousin, Ava.  And, I failed to get a picture of her too.  (What a slacker am I?!?!) 
 Madi was BEYOND exhausted and had a complete meltdown but still refused to nap.  She loved the piano, even though they were off. 
After a brunch we decided it was time to head.  We got in the car and Madi cried for about 30 seconds and then she was OUT!  The poor kid was drug around all weekend and was just so tired.  We stopped to see Tiffany's place, dropped Chris and Annie off and then headed home just in time to get to tithing settlement.  After that came the home teachers and after that... we finally got to sit down and breathe! 
We had a wonderful weekend full of family and friends and we are glad for the time we had to spend with them.  I love the holiday season and that it allows "excuses" to see our wonderful family that live so close but yet so far.  We wish we were closer to everyone down there and that we were able to visit more often.  We are excited for Nicholas and his family to get here and that we get to spend some time with them over the holidays.  We have really missed them since they moved to WA.

Our ward Christmas party...

Friday night was our ward Christmas party.  We had such a great night with the friends in our ward.  We ate yummy food and watched a program that was written and directed by one of Madi's FAVORITE babysitters, McKinley (her other is Megan, McKinley's sister).  She casted the play with kids from our primary.  They had great props and a beautiful script.  McKinley is only eleven but it was one of the best programs I have seen.  Of course since I am in the Primary and I adore all those little kids it made it that much more special.
The gym was decorated so cute!  Thank you Stacie, Ammon, Emily, Matt and anyone else who helped to make it such a great night!
Madi made a new friend.  I should have got pictures but didn't even think about it.  There is the cutest little boy a few months younger than her, Bronson, that she played with.  She is so social!  I love it.  She kept playing with his hair.  He has a head full of curls.  I told his mom it was because she's jealous!  Her mullet is coming in nice!
With Madi off playing it gave me a few minutes to snuggle with Vivianne, one of Liseanne's adorable twins.  They were born just before Thanksgiving.  It makes me anxious for baby to come.  I was surprised that Madi wasn't at all jealous.  She did come over to see and got up on my lap and softly touched her hand and then got back down to play.  She is going to be such a goos big sister!  I am so very blessed to be her mom! 

Hide and seek...

One of Madi's most favorite spots to play (other than the drawer below the oven) is the empty cupboard in our armoire.   
 She loves to climb inside and then she shuts the door and plays peek-a-boo.  Sometimes she will leave it open a crack and will look out through the crack to see if I'm watching her.  She gets the biggest grin if I am.  It is so cute!
My little one is getting to be so big!  She loves to explore and is always on the go. 


A lot of FIRSTS...

We had a great weekend and a wonderful start to the week.  It was one of those weekends that we didn't have anywhere that we HAD to be so we just did what we wanted.  It ended too fast, but they always do!
Madi adores her daddy and always wants to play with him or be held by him when he is home.  Saturday they were playing on the couch and were so cute so I had to get out the camera.
Madi knows her facial features and she loves to point to them and say them.
Madi LOVES her baby dolls and carries them just about everywhere.  She is such a good little momma!
Lately Madi has started putting her hand over her mouth when she laughs and when she cries.  My favorite is when she cries because she makes it seem SO dramatic! :) 
Sunday morning Madi wanted to sit on a chair.  Derrick got her all situated and then pushed the chair around the table.  She thought it was great and has wanted to do it a few times since.
Madi went to nursery for the first time on Sunday.  She is officially old enough but she is distracting the primary kids and it's Derrick's month to conduct in EQ.  After some convincing from the other ladies in the presidency, I brought her to nursery.  She LOVED it.  They said she did great!  Yeah for nursery!
Last night Madi went to the bathroom door and kept knocking on it.  She wanted to go in for something so Derrick opened it and followed her in.  She went to the toilet and pointed.  Derrick asked if she wanted to go potty and she nodded yes.  She didn't actually go, but this morning before her bath I sat her on again and she actually went!  I am so proud of her!  I gave her a Tinkerbelle sticker for going potty in the toilet.  It is still a little early to start potty training but maybe this is a sign that she will be easy.  (A girl can hope, can't she! :D)
Some of her other first: She said CHOCOLATE and THANK YOU and she stood by herself twice yesterday and did great until she realized she wasn't holding on to something.