Thirteen wonderful months...

The last thirteen months have been the most wonderful of my life. I have everything I have ever wanted, an amazing hubby and a beautiful little princess! What more could a girl ask for???
Madi brings so much joy into our home. I can't imagine life without her. She gives the sweetest kisses and I love it! She waves and points at everything. She is so curious and never ceases to amaze me with the situations she will get herself into. She does not sit still! She loves to move, sing, dance, walk, jump and go anyway she can. She loves to watch her Einstien movies, especially any with animals. I will have to get a video of her watching cause it is so funny to see the intensity she has. Her very favorite thing to do is read stories and look at her books. If the house is quiet, she can be found surrounded by all of her books in her room. She is finally able to reach them on her own. She chatters all day. I love to hear her. She adores Derrick. She gets so excited for him to get home and has had a hard time adjusting to him going to school. She is so sad to see him leave and there are usually tears. I know the sacrifice will pay off in the end though. She loves herself, to see her picture or look in the mirror. She loves pictures of mom, dad and the rest of her family. She loves just about any kid and will chat and play with any kid that will try. She is happy to go to anyone and loves attention from anyone. People are drawn to her. She is always so happy and so easy. I love you sweet baby!!!


One of those days...

You know the days that you feel like you are going, going, going and at the end of the day when you look around you can't tell you did anything??? I am happy to say that today was NOT that day for me! You can feel what I've done, touch what I've done, see what I've done and smell what I've done.
The sea of goldfish crackers that usually cover my floors have all disappeared, the toys are put away, you can see the shine in the floor instead of feel the crumbs under your feet. The only smells coming from my bathroom are pleasent ones and tonight I will get to slip between fresh, clean sheets and feel their softness on my hair free legs because I even got to shower ALONE today. [Madi took an EXTRA LONG NAP:D] Derrick will be home in a few minutes for dinner before he's off to school and then I can get some scrapbooking or crafting in. What a wonderful day it has been!


Madi's One Year Pictures...

We actually took Madi to JC Penny's to have her pictures done the weekend of her birthday. Some of them turned out cute but she didn't smile in ANY! My little brother, Joshua, is going on a mission and did his endowments in the SL Temple so I thought I would try to get a few pictures of Madi while I waited for my sister to come watch Madi. She still didn't smile for very many but I think some turned out really cute! This is one of my favorites! She is such a doll! She was so tired. Past nap time for sure!Thanks Aunt Dar for getting a smile or two!!!
I like this one too!What's your favorite?


Sleepy time...

I put Madi down for her nap and went to check on her a few minutes later. She is lovin' on her bear. So cute!!!

Madi's first camping trip...

Friday night we went up past Tibble Fork to camp with Christopher and Annie. This was Madi's first time camping. She LOVES being outside and was wide awake the entire night. Even though she didn't get a nap for longer than twenty minutes on Friday, she was determined to stay awake and not miss one minute of the fun. Madi was up off and on all night which made for a LONG night. It was so fun to go camping though and I love spending time with Annie and getting to know her better. Madi LOVES Annie and was thrilled to see her as well. Chris and Derrick got up early to go fish Saturday morning. They were gone for three hours but didn't catch anything. Everyone around them did though. :D MAybe they will have better luck next time.
Madi felt like such a big girl. It was fu nto watch her. She wanted to get down and explore and after a while mom gave in and let her.
She seem to mind crawling on the rocks at all. What a cutie! I love this picture. Her eyes show the lack of sleep and how we all felt Saturday morning.
Even though we didn't get a ton of sleep, we can't wait to go again! We are hoping that Chris and Annie will come up this way and camp at Antelope Island before the summer ends. Thanks for a great weekend guys!!!

It's a PARTY...

Two of my great friends from work had babies and month and a half and two weeks earlier than Madi. Guire is a month and a half older and lucky for us they only live about five minutes away! Madi always has so much fun playing with him and I love the girl time with Chantel. Last week The two of them played in the pool. Madi still isn't sure about getting in the pool without mom but seemed to warm up after a minute or two. Guire was a little fish! He didn't want to get out. :D
Thanks for a great afternoon Chantel! Good luck on Friday! (She is having baby #2, Nash) I can't wait to see him! :D


We had spaghetti for dinner...

Pretty Girl...

I think that I am FINALLY caught up on the blog! Yea!!!
Last night we enjoyed the breeze and blew some bubbles. Derrick took some super cute pictures of our pretty girl... Bubbles...Too cute!!!

One year checkup...

Madi had her one year checkup last Monday and the doctor said she looks perfect!
Weight: 21 lbs 13 oz - 55%
Height: 29.5" - 55% What a good little mommy...
Madi has realized that a picture shows up on the camera after you take the picture. She wants to look at the pictures so she crawls right up to me.
My budding photographer...

Hil Air Force Base Museum...

Friday we went to HAFB Museum. It is close, it is free. You can't beat that! This is an ejection seat. Madi looks so tiny! Playin' in the ACE center (kids learning center)
Madi's all suited up and ready to take flight

Movie Mania!!!

I was recording Madi last night and started to look at all the movies that I hadn't posted. Here are a few of my faves!

Hi Grandma!!!

Madi LOVES to talk on the phone! Her face lights up when she hears her grandma on the other end and she will bring me the phone throughout the day or pretend she is talking on her Tinkerbell phone.

Daddy Time...


Lime time...

Happy Birthday Madi!!!

Madi's first trip to the zoo...

For Madi's birthday we took her to the zoo. We went on the 31st and decided to get a year pass. Madi LOVED it! It was fun to watch her watch the animals. She didn't want to leave one to go to the next. She especially loved the elephants and the big cats!
Madi and Daddy in the nightmares exhibit. They have free flying bats in here. I was glad to see they were all clustered and asleep while we were there. :D There are three elephants at our zoo. They were fun to watch. One of them is just a year old. I didn't get a good picture of her so baby Zuri will have to wait 'til next time. The elephants would pick up the watermelon and then throw it on the ground to brake it open. They downed the whole thing in a matter of minutes!
We tested out the carousel. Madi did not love it. She clung to Derrick the whole time and started fussing as soon as it started to move.
Here is the sloth posing for his close up
Madi really liked the jaguar. It paced back and forth watching everyone. There was only the glass separating him from the kids because they all got as close as they possibly could!
Hanging out in Asian Highlands...
I really liked the tigers. There are four of them but this one was my favorite (only because he was in the best view. :D)
Madi wouldn't sit by herself to get her picture on the tigers so I held her. She still wasn't thrilled but it was passed her nap time!
Madi watching Zuri and her mom in the Elephant Encounters...
My monkeys...
Swans are such beautiful birds...
Madi was thrilled by the train... until it started to move! :D
Madi says "yea!!!" We had a great day at the zoo, despite the heat, and can't wait to go back!


Happy Birthday Madison!!!

Madi turned one on the 30th. Grandma and Grandpa Hawkins came over for a yummy barbque! We had steaks and chicken, corn on the cob, potatoes, grilled pineapple and lots of yummy extras. Madi LOVES steak! That is all she wanted. She did have a few pieces of watermelon and some corn. After lunch she had a cupcake before heading down for a nap. Make a wish...
mmmm... yum!!!
Madi played for a little while until her party started. Here's Madi and daddy.And here is Madi and mommy.
Madi picked a corn popper, Tinkerbell keys, a pull along dog and a pop up toy with her money from Grandma and Grandpa Hawkins. I am making her a memory box and we got her a touch and feel book, crayons and a coloring pad and a bead roller coaster thing.Great Grandma and Grandpa Baum came along with Kathy, Jessi, Micheal, Adam, Linda, Kristine, Kathrine, Michelle, Liz, Jeremy, Eli, Christopher, Annie, Bekka and Holly. We sang to her and then let her go to town. (Thanks Chris and Annie for bringing the BIG cupcake!!!)
"Let me at it!!!"
She couldn't wait!
She didn't love the frosting. I made cream cheese frosting.
Daddy, Madi and Mommy

Happy birthday sweet baby! I love you!!!