She's an All Star!!!

Derrick got tickets to the All Star game at Bee's Stadium last week.  We were on third base.  The game wasn't super great, in fact it was pretty boring, but Madi had a great time and it was nice to enjoy some family time and they had an amazing firework show at the end.  It was Madi's first game and she didn't pay attention to any of it.  (I didn't think she would :D)  She loved going up and down the stairs, climbing in and out of chairs and over the backs of them. 
While she was getting some ice cream with Derrick she saw this monkey that she went crazy over.  (She has a bit of an obsession with ANY animal).  During the last inning she was asking to go for a walk and she wrapped it around her neck and walked all through Fanz loving on this monkey.  Lucky for her, grandpa had given Derrick a little bit of money to get her some peanuts and other snacks.  After her $6 scoop of ice cream, $4 bag of 30 peanuts and my $4.50 bottle of water she had just enough left for the monkey.  What a lucky little girl!

Merry Christmas...

I never got any pictures of Madi in her Christmas dress and I LOVE it so I had to take some when she wore a couple weeks ago (minus the deep red velvet coat).  Derrick is a guy that does not love lace and frill and fluff on dresses, so we compromise.  I get to get a "fancy" dress for Madi for Easter and Christmas as long as it isn't TOO extreme and it is one he can tolerate.  The funny thing is though, Madi gets more compliments when she wears this dress than any other dress.  We have at least three or four people tell us how adorable she looks and how much they love the dress every time she wears it. 


mommy's little guy...

Easton is 11 1/2 weeks.  I can't believe that he is almost three months old.  He is getting stronger everyday and loves to be held in the sitting position so he can see everything going on around him.  He has the biggest smiles and loves to talk to his mommy which I LOVE!  He is starting to really chunk up and is too long for anything newborn.  (He still fits best in newborn shorts though.)  He LOVES to be outside which is good since we are out there a lot.  He adores Madi!  She always gets a little grin when she talks to him.  Here are some ten week pics of our Easton.


Fun on the 4th!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!
We had an awesome day filled with lots of fun, family and pictures.  We started our day at the parade.  It was Madi and Easton's first parade.  They brought around Krispy Kreme donuts while we waited for the parade to start.  Madi wasn't sure about the whole thing until they started throwing candy at her and then she couldn't get enough!
 I tried to get one with both kiddos lookin' but no such luck.
After some much needed naps we went to the park to enjoy some dinner and fireworks. 
 Madi was in heaven!  What's better than a cookie and a big slice of watermelon? :D
 She played with daddy on the playground and played with the container her glow bracelets came in.
 Mama snuggled with Easton for minute.
 Got a picture with both of my kids.
 And even one of the family!
 Madi was funny about the glow bracelets.  She insisted that they scare her.
 She did eventually warm up to them and thought they were ok by the end of the night.
 Again, I tried to get a good picture of the little ones together.  These are the best I got.
 I love this one of Easton!
 Madi had her first experience with a bounce house and LOVED it!
 She didn't even mind the big kids knocking her down with their bounces.
 We were so glad that Chris and Annie
 and Tiffany and Rick were able to come and share in the celebration.
 We love hanging out with our family and creating new memories.
It was a great day and we are already looking forward to next year!


We bought some sparklers, snaps and flowers for Madi to do this weekend and it didn't go as well as we had hoped.  Madi was TERRIFIED of them and kept saying "scare ya" and "I scared" while clinging to Derrick or I.  She did like the aeriel fireworks as long as they were at a distance.  The noise of them scared her if they were close. 

All smiles...

Our little boy is really starting to show his personality.  He seems to be a bit of a mama's boy and I LOVE that!  Last night after playing with his auntie all day Derrick fed him and put him to bed.  He was wide awake and we were pretty sure he was not going to go to sleep.  I picked him up and cuddled him for ten minutes or so and he drifted off to sleep.  He just needed a few minutes with his mommy.  He is so smiley and starting to become very vocal.  I love when babies start to interact more.  Of course I love the newborn stage but I think that as they reach a new stage it just makes being their mom more and more fun.

Let's go swimming...

[Since I was trying to manipulate picture order on a post I am WAY behind.]
Two Saturday's ago we decided to take the kids to the Roy Aquatic Center.  Madi LOVES to swim and play in the water but another thing she loves is to accessorize.  This is what she wanted to wear to the pool.  I didn't take the picture with her feet but I should have since she was sportin' her hot pink furry snow boots.  This kid cracks me up!  I love ya Mads!

It's true what they say...

I always thought that I would make sure that I took just as many pictures of my second as I did of my first but alas, I am wrong again.  It just doesn't seem to work that way.  The luxury of time to do a photo shoot no longer exists with Madi begging for attention.  Besides the fact that I am still trying to capture all that Madi is doing and she seems to be "doing" a lot more than our little Easton.  I will try to be better though since my sister recently pointed out that Easton does not have enough pictures. :D

Wahoo... you're two!!!

[I have been working on this post for days but Blogger is being lame and I can't get my pictures in the order I want, so just pretend they are. :D]
Madi's friend, Guire, turned two a couple weeks ago and got some fun water toys for his birthday.  He invited Madi to come play.  The last two times she had been, I had left her to take Easton to the audiologists so when we pulled in the driveway she started crying saying "no, mama" thinking I was going to leave her again.  (As much as she loves Chani, Guire, Nash and Fenway, she likes when I'm there)
Here is Guire in his new pool.  He was having a blast but Madi refused to go more than five feet away from me for the first hour.  Silly girl!
Madi LOVES their dog, Fenway.  She talks about him all the time and gets so excited to see him.
Her other love, Nashy!
One of the highlights for the kids was peek-a-boo with the pool.  They thought it was the funnest and kept asking for more.