Getting bigger...

Madi was just a few ounces away from the max on her car seat so as an early birthday present she got a new one. After A LOT of research and asking friends and family we went with the Britax Boulevard CS. We really wanted the cow fabric but I couldn't justify $50 more for the fabric so this it is. She wanted to sit in it and play with it and seemed to really like it... until we put it in the car. :D She HATES being in her car seat in the car and cries every time we put her in it.

Clinton Heritage Days...

Clinton had their Heritage Days last weekend. We decided to go Friday night and check it out. They had a carnival, booths and live music. We were planning on letting Madi ride a few of the kiddie rides, then we saw that it was $3.00 per ride for the kid ones. Holy cow!!! I would rather take her to Lagoon! So, we walked around and checked out a booth. There was a family there with a booth doing fundraising to help fund their adoption. We bought a candy grab bag from them. We are totally willing to support a cause like that! Madi thought it was great too. They had Twizzlers in the bag. Madi hadn't ever had licorice before so we tore a piece of and gave it to her while we listened to the band.
Before long she grabbed the whole thing of my lap and was gnawing on it. Guess it was a hit!


Madi got a coupon in the mail for a free Build-A-Bear. We took her thinking that we would pick the bear for her. When we started showing her the different ones, she would push them away until we showed her Bubble Gum Bear. Her face lit up, she grabbed it and rubbed her nose against the bears nose. It was so cute! That was the bear!
She was completely mesmerized by the stuffing station.
Bathing her bear...
She loved the ice cream cone, especially the cherry on top!
Madi, Daddy and her new bear! She loves to cuddle with it. She will hug it and rub it. So adorable!!!



Okay, I have been a slacker on blogging the last week. Pictures will be coming soon but I thought I would let you all know some of the cute things that Madi has started doing and some of the things she says. Her latest is "pop-pop" which means she wants a popsicle. So cute! She also says mama, dada, grandma, Jesus, cheese, ham, yum, honk, kuh kuh and I am sure there's more but I can't think of them right now.
She had her first dentist appointment yesterday. She did great! I got scolded for letting her take her bottle to bed (something I said I would NEVER do when I had kids :D). She LOVES to be read to. Her favorite book is called I Love You Through and Through. I read it to her and when it ends she starts crying (fake of course) because she wants me to read it again. She would do it all day if I would let her. My limit is about five times and then I'm done. :D She has started pointing. She has been pointing for a while but now she is pointing at EVERYTHING. It is so fun to see her point and tell us what she wants.
I will love when she can actually talk well enough to tell me what she wants. She finished her antibiotic on Saturday. Sunday she cried for six hours! I figured it was from teething. Monday she was crying when she woke up but then seemed happy the rest of the morning. When I got her up from her nap she had a TON of drainage from her ear. I took her to the doctor and she has a double ear infection. There wasn't a big tear on her eardrum but the doctor said it could be a small one. (There was too much junk to tell) She put her on a stronger antibiotic and is also having us give her Zyrtec. She thinks her ear infections may be stemming from Madi's allergies. She has really bad hay fever. On top of all that, she is starting to get a yeast infection from the antibiotics. My poor girl. It makes me so sad to have her sick. It amazes me that for the most part she is still so happy. What a blessing she is!
Madi loves being outside, looking at pictures, especially of herself, reading stories, cuddling (one of my faves), TV (I said she wasn't going to watch that until she was two!) when I let her, eating, playing with her toys and just about anything with mommy or daddy. Her favorite foods lately are cheese, meat, Gerber puffs and bananas. She hates getting dressed and would rather be naked. Lately she even hates to have her diaper on. She isn't fond of playing in the water unless it's the bath tub or I am holding her. She HATES to be strapped in to anything, car seat, stroller, high chair, shopping carts... because she wants to STAND not sit. I am afraid she is going to crack her head open someday.
Madi is going to be one a week from Friday. I can hardly believe it. This last year has gone by so fast! Madi brings so much joy, love and happiness into our home and into our family. It has been a wonderful year and I am excited to celebrate her birthday! Derrick's is the day before so he took Thursday and Friday off work. It will be wonderful to have a few extra days with him. :D


Bountiful Baskets...

For those that have never tried Bountiful Baskets, I thought I would post a picture of all you get.
Today I got a bag of potatoes, cauliflower, white asparagus, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, two butternut squash, two pineapples, bananas, grapes, two mangos, and lots of limes, peaches and plums for only $15! Each week they have different produce. We have gotten corn, beans, cantelope, watermelon, apples, cherries and many more. We LOVE it! Check out their website. They have pick up sites in UT, AZ, WA, ID, NV, WY and TX.


Summer Sundays...

I love Sundays, especially in the summer. I love going to church and feeling the Spirit. I love hearing the sweet voices of our primary kids. I love looking at Madi's books about Jesus and hearing her say 'Jesus". I love that Madi knows who He is. I love being with Derrick all day and not running all over. I love being outside and enjoying the gorgeous weather we have. I love it all!

Here are some pictures from our evening...

Madi and Derrick playing Keep Away... Madi has started to crawl toward the camera when I am trying to take her picture.
Madi sat in the sprinkler's mist for a few minutes before crawling back to me. I always try to have her walk around a little while we are out there. She likes to walk and I keep waiting for her to take off on her own.Madi's hair is at the length that is really hard. You can't cut it because you want it to grow but there isn't enough to style. She is no longer intrested in wearing headbands or hats and it isn't worth the fight to have her wear them.
It's okay though because Madi has her own sense of style...
Daddy and Madi...
Madi is starting to get more used to the grass but she still crawls around on all fours.
Mom says "Eww, don't eat it, it's kuh kuh".
Madi thought so too when she tried it for herself....

What a great end to a great day!

Pretty girl...

Madi cut her eighth tooth this week. I can't believe she is going to be one in a couple weeks. She is so fun to be with. I love every minute of my time with her. I could just sit and play and cuddle with her all day. When I see my cousin's new baby I think how much I want another little one and then the thought of having to share my time with someone other than just Madi makes me wonder if I really do. We will have another one, or maybe two, or three, but for now I am just loving being Madi's mom!

Splash Park...

This week we went to check out the Riverdale Splash Park. When we got there it wasn't on so I asked a guy that was there cleaning the bathroom when they turn on. He said they were broke on Thursday and wasn't sure when they come on. So we layed out our blanket and ate some snacks. Jaxon and Kyah were getting antsy to run and play so they went over there to play without the water. Then a maintence guy came out and told us you have to push a button for the water to come. Would have been nice to know 45 minutes earlier!!! :D Madi wasn't sure about it. She has been kind of funny about playing in the water. She clings to me and does not want to get down. We sat on the side and Madi thought about going in a few times but always turned around and crawled back.
Jaxon did his "Iron Man" for me.
Kyah enjoyed playing in the water until it started to get crowded. Then she just wanted to sit with Madi and I. We went back to the blanket and watched Jaxon and the other kids play. Splash parks are genious! Where were they when I was a kid???


I took on a HUGE task this week of cleaning/organizing my scrapbook room. It was much needed! Although my supplies were already organized, there was stuff EVERYWHERE! It had become a dumping ground for everything that didn't have a place. It is so nice to have a clean space to work in! Madi disappeared while I was cleaning. I could hear her in the storage room which is right next door.
Madi was "organizing" the storage room for me. :D What a great helper!


West Point Days, Fireworks and Celebration...

Yesterday our city had West Point Days. Last year was the first year that we went and it will be a tradition as long as we live here. It is a great day and we have really enjoyed it both years that we have gone. This year Madi participated in the baby contest. We had to wake her up from her nap to go and she has been sick so she was REALLY clingy. She didn't win any of the big prizes but there were over 50 babies and they did call her back with another baby for one of the categories. Madi didn't make it though. Next year she will take it all since she won't be sick (at least we hope not) and will not be around nap time. :D The only thing they had to do was be in red, white and blue. This is what Madi wore. Seriously, have you ever seen a cuter baby??? Madi and daddy waiting for the results...
Madi and mommy waiting for the results...
After the contest we ran to check out Winco, a new grocery store that opened down the road this week. We scored some great deals! We headed home after so Derrick could finish up his lesson for priesthood today. Madi is everywhere and she loves to crawl in and out and through our chairs. Once she gets herself stuck she can't figure out how to get back out.
Her "mean mama" has to take pictures of how cute she is before helping her find a way out.
But as soon as I move the chair the tears turn off and she happily chatters again.
Derrick grilled us some burgers for lunch. Madi was so sad when he went outside and didn't take her. She headed straight for the door so she could play with him through the glass. (Don't look at how dirty my windows are!:D)
Giving daddy kisses. (This is why they are as dirty as they are. I love the hand prints she leaves though and someday I will miss the smudges she leaves all over everything.)
Madi is such a happy girl. She is so wonderful to have in our home and in our family.
How can you resist those BIG BLUE EYES???
Around six we headed back to the park for dinner, entertainment and fireworks. We had lots of good food, listened to some classics from a live band that comes every year and played cards while we waited. My favorite part of the night was when they sang the Hokey Poky and I helped Madi do it. Madi giggled the whole time. I love to hear her laugh! I got some cotton candy because I had to see Madi's reaction to the texture. She DID NOT love it. :D
While we waited for fireworks we got Madi a glow necklace. Every time we go to one of these I say next time we are going to sale them. They make bank of those!
Madi loved playing with it and would put it on and take it off and then do it over again. She watched all the kids around us playing with theirs and crawled all over mom and dad.
Madi downed some yogurt before we changed her into her jammies. She was past done by this point.
We bought her two glow bracelets to keep her entertained. Good thing I grabbed a fist full of change before we headed out. Once the fireworks started she watched for a minute or so before breaking into tears.
She cried off and on throughout the show. She loved the lights and flashes but the noise scared her.
Next year I need to bring my tripod. I want to get some cool shots of the fireworks.
All in all it was a great day! We are so grateful for this wonderful country that we live in and for the men, women and families that sacrifice so much so that we may have the freedoms we do!
Happy 4th of July!!!



Madi was sitting on the counter the other day while I made her bottle. We had a bowl of fruit on the counter. She reached in and got a plum. She half of three different plums. It was so cute to watch her. I wondered how she would react to a peach since the skin is fuzzy and they are a little more tart. I love her BIG blue eyes!
Madi's sour face...
She didn't eat that much, just a bite or two.
All done!