Happy Memorial Day!!!

We have had a great day! It has been wonderful to have Derrick home another day. We got our garden all finished, planted some fruit trees and had some fun family time. We got Madi her first pool. She was not so sure at first but warmed up to it. Our happy girl!!!
She loves to splash in the water and it was fun to watch her play. We are looking forward to the summer, warm weather and fun times!



I went to Logan last Thursday to take my cousin, AJ's, senior pictures. This him with Madi. After I took his pics we went to put his pictures on his computer and ate dinner. They have a dog named Rosie. Madi has never been around a dog before so maybe it was good that Rosie was about the same size as her.
She didn't seem to be afraid of her and liked to touch her. Rosie, on the other hand, was terrified of Madi. Apparently she has never been around babies. She kept running away and Madi kept crawling after her. It was so cute to watch her. :D
Madi and Rosie

Ten months...

Madi is ten months old today. Where did the time go? She is such a delight to have in our home and I am so honored to be her mom. She loves climbing the stairs, standing and blowing bubbles. She has even said bubbles a couple of times. It is fun to see her learn and grow. I am so grateful for my sweet Derrick and that he is so good to let me be home with her each day to teach her and love her. Being a mom is better than I ever imagined and I am so thankful that we have Madi in our family!

Family and Fun...

We spent the afternoon and evening at my brothers, Nicholas'. Chris, Tiffany and Rick all came over too. We had so much fun watching each other sing and the kids play together. We are going to miss them a lot when they head to WA state in July. (Christina was accepted to the MBA program at WSU)Brenton was born ten days after Madi. It is fun to watch them interact.
Madi, Caitlin and Whitney. I love seeing them play with her. I am bummed that they will be gone for at least a year. They will change so much in that time and it is fun for Madi to play with them.
Brenton crawled right on top of Madi to get to the toys but she didn't seem to mind. What cute kids! :D
While we were down there we also stopped at my dad's grave. As soon as we put Madi down she was crawling all over!
Caitlin was tired but she did manage to strike a pose! :D
It was fun to spend time with everyone. Nicholas grilled some great burgers and we ate yummy food and talked the rest of the night! Thanks for a great evening!

The next American Idol???

Last night we went to my brothers to hang out and have some family time. One of the things that we did was play American Idol on the Wii. This is my niece, Whitney, rockin' out to Miley Cyrus!

Brenton wanted in on the action too! :D


Christopher and Annie...

On May 18th my little brother, Christopher, married Annie. Isn't she beautiful!?!?!Everything was so gorgeous and I am so excited to Annie in our family! Here she is waiting for the big moment!And this is Christopher waiting for it to start.And Madi waiting so patiently. (Annie made super cute hair pieces for everyone. Madi would NOT leave hers on for anything. Silly girl.)It's starting...They were so cute and you could see how much they love each other. What a special day! Look how happy they are!
They were both very nice as they ate their cake. Annie posted this on her blog... "The tradition of cutting cake and feeding each other a piece goes back hundreds of years. They used to say that is how lovers will treat each other in their lasting partnership- if they are nice or shove it in each others face." I have never heard that before. If I had I probably would have been a little nicer at my wedding. :DMadi was a trooper. Despite the long day without more than an two hour nap she was still all smiles at the end of the night! My mom, Christopher and Annie

We are so excited for the two of you! We think the world of Annie and can't wait to get to know her better. We love you guys!

Growing up...

Is she really going to be ten months on Sunday? Where did all the time go?

Mama's girl???

Madi loves to play with her toys and has figured out how to pull her baskets out and get to them. She seems to be pretty content to play and have a good time.
She doesn't have a problem being by herself as long as you sneak out, but if she sees mommy or daddy leave, walk by the door or come in the room...
WATCH OUT!!! She throws a fit!
and then she crawls toward you just sobbing.
Seperation anxiety maybe???

Mama's helper...

Madi is all over the place and into everything. She is pulling herself up to things and taking a few steps and is even getting brave enough to let go with one hand. She can climb up the stairs all by herself but still doesn't like going down them.
I was cleaning the pantry yesterday and Madi was pulling things out faster then I could put them back in! :D Such a great helper!


Madi wore her first ponytail today. She is so cute! It was a gorgeous Sunday so after church we laid a blanket on the grass and played outside for a little while. Madi HATES grass but is starting to be curious about it. We were working in our garden last night and Madi crawled of the blanket and as soon as she did she just knelt there bawling. I think she is not sure about the way it feels on her skin. Today she was picking it and played for a minute and then grabbed a new one.Madi will eat anything! It doesn't matter what it is she wants to put it in her mouth. Last night, she ate dirt for the first time. It wasn't her favorite thing. :D I love this stage because I love to see how she reacts to the flavors and textures she puts in her mouth. Madi has six teeth and she has started biting. She mostly bites clothes or blankets but she has bit me a few times.
I am so blessed to have such a beautiful daughter and a wonderful husband. I love them both so much!

Little Princess...

While I was in Texas I was able to do some fun things with my mom's vinyl machine. Madi FINALLY has something on her walls! :DIsn't she the sweetest!

Home sweet home...

Madi was thrilled to see her daddy! It was so nice to be home with Derrick! We both missed him so much!

What the hail???

Wednesday I got Madi all dolled up and thought I would go take a few pictures of her after we ran a few errands for my mom. I went to put her in the basket at the first store and found green beans on my arm. That's what she had the night before for dinner. It was all over her clothes and on me. Yuck!!! I still had more errands to run and my mom doesn't live in town so I was not about to go back to change her. There was an Old Navy in the praking lot so I went over there. They didn't open until 9:30 and it was only 9:00. So we waited. As sootn as they opened we went in and looked through the clearance. It must have been the first mark down because the cheapest thing was $8.49. After about 5 min. I decided to go to The Children's Place at the other end of the strip mall. I saw a *SALE* sign. I drove over but they were closed. They opened at 10:00. So again, we waited. I ended up with a cute pair of orange shorts and a pink and orange tank. After all that she was too tired and too ornery to take pictures. :( Thursday morning we had a huge hail storm!
Here is a piece after it had already melted a bit. Some areas got hail the size of ping pong balls! CRAZY!!!
Since it was crappy weather it was an inside day. When Josh got home from school Madi wanted him right away. After a few minutes they were both out! How sweet are they! :D
We left late Thursday for the LONG drive home. Madi did great again! What a champ!


Play time...

One of my mom's friends brought over a high chair for Madi which was great! Madi was able to play with grandma and mom was able to enjoy Madi without lifting her. Madi has taken to all of them quickly and will miss everyone when we go home. Madi and Grandma
The temperature has been in the 90's so we took advantage of it and Joshua got the pool ready for the year! Madi wasn't so sure about it but decided it was okay as long as you held her real close and didn't put her in her inner tube.As I said, Madi has taken to everyone, but especially her uncle Joshy! She has even gone to him over me!
As soon as he gets home from school she wants him. If he walks by without saying hi she whines. She is such a cutie!