Meetin' my cousins...

I took Madi to meet her cousins, Whitney and Caitlin yesterday. It was so fun to watch them with her, especially Caitlin who couldn't get enough. They will soon have a baby brother at home to love and hold. It is so much fun to see them with her and I can't wait until they can all play together. Whitney and Madi

Madi loves her cousins!

Christina, Caitlin and Madi

Hugs and...

Sweet Kisses


  1. Those are such adorable pictures!!!!

  2. i'm enjoying all these cute pictures!

    If you have any questions (car seat wise - or other lOl) please don't hesitate to ask!

  3. I love the pics, sorry I have been MIA we just got back from Guatemala we went and picked up Ian from the mission, had a great trip and I was excited to get home and get a update on your new babe. I love the pic of the 5 generations. AMAZING!!!