I'm back...

It feels like forever since I blogged! Life has been crazy busy the last two weeks. Madi's third tooth has poked through on the top but is growing in pretty slow. It is the tooth to the left of her middle one. I have given two talks, one in our Primary Teacher Development and the other for our Relief Society Birthday night. I have been getting everything set and ready for our sealing (will be in another post) and Madi's blessing day. I have trying and failing to keep my house clean. I have had a girl's night with my sisters that are in Utah. Madi has been sick and several other things.
Derrick's aunts, Jill and Suzane sent this blanket to Madi. It is so soft!
Madi is always so full of smiles! She is such a joy to have in our family.
She has really started to love anything that makes sounds, especially rattles.
My happy girl

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