Happy Birthday Jaxon!!!

On Wednesdays and Fridays I watch my friends kids, Jaxon and Kyah. Jaxon turned 5 on the 12th so on the 11th we went to the Ogden Dinosaur Park. They got to "mine for stones". Jaxon got a ton! Kyah was funny. She would only pick up the pink or purple stones. If she found others she would give them to Jaxon. :D
Kyah diggin'...
Madi patiently waiting...
Check out what they found!!!
This is a wholly rhino. Madi wasn't to sure about it but still touched it.
Kyah said her hand was too small. I LOVE her face in this one!
Jaxon's favorite dinosaur is the Triceratops. This is a footprint of one.
It rained almost the whole time we were there. We still had a great time though!
Totally soaked!!!

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