Happy Halloween!!!

We went to our ward trunk or treat last night and there was a huge turn out. They do a chili cook off every year along with it. It was fun to see everyone's costumes. Madi went as a little ballerina! Thanks Aunt Kellie! Everyone thought she looked so cute and especially loved the bow. She does NOT love the camera so these are the best pictures I got.
Thanks to Derrick we were the FAVORITE car and had a line the whole night. Some of the parents even made their little ones skip us because they didn't want to wait in line. Derrick's work gave all the employees 72 cans of the mini pops in A&W, 7 Up and Sunkist to give out to trick or treaters. The kids loved it and thought it was even cooler that they got two treats because we had already bought Pixie Sticks. It was a great night!

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