Takin' advantage...

We took advantage of the weather and went to the park with Chantel and Guire. I took a couple pictures of Madi while I waited for them to get there. I love this one! Cute girl. I wish I had moved her so the asphalt wasn't behind her.
Madi has gotten brave at the park. She layed on her tummy and went down the slide head first! Good thing I was at the bottom.
Peek-a-boo mom!
Madi LOVED the swing. The higher she went, the more she giggled.
We are going to miss playing outside! Hopefully she likes to play in the snow too!


  1. lots and lots of cute pictures in these posts. Love the costume!

  2. I am so glad that we got together that day. I am seriously so excited for you guys!!!!!!!!! I will come and hang out at your house some day soon. It has just been super crazy around here.