I'm thankful day 3...

Today I am so very overwhelmed by the love that I have for the most beautiful girl I know, Madison.  She is my precious miracle and I can't imagine life without her.  How grateful I am to be her mom.  She brings so much life into our home.  She has an infectious laugh.  She has a strong personality and is so sure of herself.  She has a precious, tender side that she has really shown to me lately.  I had a rough day the other day and she came to me a stroked my hair and asked "Ok, mama?"  How could I not be ok with such a wonderful little girl?  I am so very, very blessed!  She loves her little brother and likes to make him smile and laugh.  She is a social butterfly and asks to play with her friends every day.  She has a great imagination and it is fun to watch it develop and see the things she does.  I am so grateful for my little princess!!!  I love you Madi!!!

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