Madi is making new discoveries every day. Her personality shows more and more and I love this time. She is becoming more independant which a great but a little sad for her mom who just wants to cuddle with her all day. :) She LOVES her toys and playing with them. She has learned to pick them up and they go straight to the mouth. It is so cute to watch her. Last night we were Christmas shopping at Toys 'R' Us and we were walking slowly down the baby aisle of toys and one side was pink and the other blue. She looked at the pink and giggled as we walked by toy after toy. I was so shocked that at her age she would do that. It was so fun to hear her as she looked at each toy. She is such a chatter box. If you coo or gurgle at her, she will do it back. It makes me beam each time she does. The most recent thing and one that I LOVE so much is that she has started giving kisses. This little girl just melts my heart and I am so grateful and honored to be her mom!

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