My Little Lady...

I have been really bad at keeping up on this since we were sick! Here is a weeks worth of pictures. I know there are a lot but when your girl is this cute how do you pick which ones to leave out??? :) (This is actually only a small portion)This toy has been a life saver lately. Madi is starting to get teeth and has been really good until she gets tired and then there is no consoling her. The only thing other than medicine that has been able to make her stop crying is her little friend. So, when nothing else works, Mr. Octopus gets her to sleep. :)
Getting ready for the big snow storm.... These were taken Saturday. Derrick and I were asked to be on an adoptive parent pannel for the adoption classes and were, of course, thrilled to tell our story. Right on the front row was a guy that I had dated a few times when I lived in WA. How weird is that???When we went to Yellowstone in June we wanted to get something for our baby. We looked around and decided on these jammies. They will probably be the most expensive pajamas Madi ever owns! They were $24.00 but over pricing stuff is what tourism is all about, right? Anyhow, we put them on her and she looks so cute! I took TONS of pictures of her in them. This was last night. I started watching my friends little girl yesterday, Taylor, and Madi did great! She was happy all day until about 4 and then was fussy until almost 6. I finally got her asleep and thought she looked so cute that I couldn't pass up on a picture. :)
This morning Madi found a new fun toy. The poodle jiggles and rattles when you pull it down. She thought it was great!
Such a sweet little girl!

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  1. Such adorable pictures!! I LOVE the jammies!!!