An update on our week...

Since I still wasn't getting better, I went to the doctor Monday. They did some blood tests and sent me on my way with a perscription for an eye infection. Thursday they called and said my white cells were high which indicates a bacterial infection so they called in an antibiotic and they told me I have epstien bar virus. Since it is a virus the only thing to do is get plenty of rest and drink fluids. At least I know why I'm not getting better. Hopefully it will go quickly.
Madi tried rice cereal this week. She is not a fan. She is getting so close to rolling from her back to her tummy. She is still droolin' away but no teeth. I love the drool picture of her because it is exactly how she is! She is getting chunky EVERYWHERE! I love it! She is such a sweetheart!
Derrick has been busy workin' and do stuff with Elder's Quorum. He enjoys his calling and the guys he works with. He is such a great husband and a wonderful dad. Madi adores him.

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