It's been a while...

I feel like I have been running and running but getting nothing done. My "to do" list seems to be getting longer each time I cross something off.
Our cute little Madi is getting so big! She is growing up so fast! She is eight and a half months old and shows more and more personality everyday. She has five teeth and LOVES to use them! She is crawling EVERYWHERE! Not on her knees though, she army crawls. It is so funny to watch her. I try to help her up on her knees and she just gets mad at me. I have a couple weeks worth of pictures but I have narrowed them down. Hope you enjoy... Madi loves her tongue! She has started to really like her sippy's and is finally figuring out how to drink from then herself. She has also learned how to pick up food and eat by herself and loves doing that!
Happy Birthday Mindy!!!Mindy's birthday was April 5th. We haven't seen her since Madi was six weeks old so I took her to lunch for her birthday. It was great to visit with her. Madi took right to her and loved the attention! We love you Mindy!!!
Our little PEPSI baby...
How cute is she????
I love this kid! She totally had her pout down!
Madi woke up from her nap today and I was taking a few pictures of her...
She has never crawled in this part of our house before and was headed straight for the stairs. I said "NO NO NO NO" and dropped my camera lunging for her. I think I freaked her out... She didn't want me after that, only daddy... :)

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