Madi's day...

Poor Madi has had three rough nights in a row. I am not sure if it is from teething or if she is getting sick. You can tell in the pictures she isn't feeling too hot today. Smiles were few and far between.
Madi got this book in her Easter basket. She LOVES it. When she is looking at the animal pages I will make the animal sounds and she thinks it is great. For some reason this picture reminds me of my cute neice, Olivia. We got Madi a Tinkerbell cell phone. She loves to play with our phone and LOVES Tinkerbell. It makes noises and she actually holds it up to her ear, or at least tries to. Most of the time she actually gets it up there. :D It was a gorgeous day today!!! We took advantage of it and had a barbque for dinner and then played outside for a little while. Madi is going to be our All Star soccer player!!!
She was not so sure about the grass. I put her on it and she kept her arms up so that her hands wouldn't touch it. It was so funny to watch!
tiny toes...We blew some bubbles which thrills Madi. She actually got to pop some too since there weren't other kids around.
When we finished blowing them she still wanted more. She attacked the bubble container!My cute baby...Madi has the most beautiful eyes! She is so precious! What a perfect evening!!!