More of Madi...

Oh how I love this girl!!! She makes me smile everyday. She is such a sweetheart! Madi is growing like a weed! She is going to be nine months old on Friday. I took her in for her checkup and her are the stats...
Weight: 18 lbs. 13 oz. - 50th percentile
Height: 27 in. - 20th percentile
Madi has six teeth, four on top and two on the bottom. She is crawling EVERYWHERE and is constantly keeping me on my toes. She is finding things on the floor that I don't even know is there. The other day I left her in her room while I went to change the laundry and when I came back she was chewing on one of the clear plastic things that hook the tags to the clothes. How in the world did she find that on her floor??? She is so cute when she crawls. She army crawls and will sometimes push off with her toes. I try to show her how to crawl on her knees and now I have bruises on my knees from our wood floors. No wonder she doesn't want to crawl on her knees.
She continues to love anything to do with her tongue. She has recently discovered that if she blows with her tongue out that spit flies everywhere. She gets a kick out of it!!! She learns new things every day. She is really good at showing where someones nose is. It is so cute, instead of pointing she will grab your whole nose. We are still working on other features.
Madi will be taking her first big trip this weekend. My mom is having surgery so Madi and I are going to Texas to help my mom for a little over a week. I hope she does okay. She HATES her car seat and it is about 18 hours in the car and she is such a daddy's girl that I worry by the end of our trip she will have had it. Guess we'll see! We are looking forward to spending a little time with my mom (even if she will be drugged up the whole time :D)!


  1. Oh she is sooooooooo cute. Mel she looks so much like you. Such a blessing that our loving Heavenly Father sent you such a beautiful little Angel. I love her. I love you!!! So so so so sweet.

  2. I can't believe she's 9 months old already! I love the pictures at the temple--what a special day! Best of luck with the road trip--I hope she travels well.