Playing catch up and at the park...

Happy Saint Patty's Day!  Derrick brought home these stellar glasses for Madi!  That was about as festive as we got!
Last week we had a day that it drizzled most of the day. I needed to drop something off at a friends down the road and we wanted to walk, so Madi went PUDDLE JUMPING for the first time and she LOVED it!  She got soaked! (You can see a little dry patch on her pants)  Now anytime she sees a puddle she wants to splash in it.  When we came in from the rain she warmed up in a bath and then we cuddled and watched one of her favorite movies... Monsters, Inc. 
She loves that movie but there are a few parts that scare her.  It is so sweet to watch with her because she will bury her head when it comes to a scary part.  We checked out a Disney/Pixar music CD at the library and when a song comes on from Monsters, Inc she gets so excited and yells "Monsters, Inc!"
Tonight we went to the park.  We had planned on taking a walk, but with the wind blowing it was just too cold.  Of course that didn't stop Madi from wanting to play for a few minutes.  She headed straight for the slide!  She gets braver each time we go to a park and wants to climb everything like the big kids. 
She is such a happy little girl!  I am really looking forward to spring and summer and being able to be outside with her more.  She has so much fun and loves to explore!
Even Derrick enjoyed playing at the park.  This park has two diggers that are a hit with the kids and adults! 
He did let Madi have a turn.  What a GREAT daddy!
This is my FAVORITE picture of the two of them.  I love their expressions as they come down the slide! 
So, Madi has started picking her nose.  She pulls it out and says "booger" with the biggest grin.  Then she signs and says "More!  More boogers!  More!"  At least she doesn't eat them, right!?!?!

In other news... Mindy went to the doctors yesterday and they scheduled for her to be induced on April 26th unless she goes on her own before then.  We are so very blessed to have her in our lives and are so thankful for the amazing gifts she has trusted us with.  She will always be so special to us!


  1. That picture of Madi and Derrick coming down the slide is hilarious!! So cute!! Can't wait for baby Easton to get here!

  2. Crazy... You are going to be a mom of two before you know it. Enjoy this time with just you and Madi. I love that Madi loves the park. She really is so brave. Its awesome!!!