Three degrees...

Yep, it was only THREE DEGREES in Pullman, WA but I knew Madi was going to freak out if I didn't take her outside to play.  So we bundled the kids up and went to play in the SEVERAL inches (a couple feet) of snow.  Erin and Ava went first!  Ava looks like she is loving it!
 Madi enjoyed a couple rides down but really just wanted to be outside, walking around.
 Here is Parker.  He got cold pretty quick but didn't seem all that excited about sledding anyway.
Poor Brenton... He couldn't even see.  He's a trooper though and played for a while.
Little Miss Ava... She had so much fun sledding with her cousins, Whitney and Caitlin.  It is really fun for them to be so close to each other.  They are in the same apartment complex.  It made it nice for me to be able to see Nicholas and his family too.
Caitlin followed the sled down the hill.  She is fearless.  She was going down the steepest parts of the hill like it was no big deal and laughing the whole way down!
I can't believe how grown up Whitney is.  I remember her being born!  I always thought adults are so weird and they say the dumbest things about how fast kids grow up but now I understand it!  Where does the time go?
Madi found a trike and took it for a spin.
She played out there until I couldn't stand the cold anymore and then we went in to warm up.  

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