An update on the fam...

So it has been a slow week as far as pictures go.  {When I say slow, I mean I haven't taken any! :D}  Madi has done some cute things though so I thought I'd post about those. 
Madi thinks that if you blow on ANYTHING that it must be hot.  I was painting my toenails tonight and she wanted hers done too.  After I painted them I blew on them and she said "hot, hot, hot".  She always whispers it in sets of three.  I love it!
She also called her daddy "Derrick" this week.  He wasn't thrilled but does think it's better then mom.  {Since we got back from WA he has been "mom" and I have been "mama".  He thinks I brainwashed her. :D}
She gave up her bottle this week too.  Actually, all the nipples were mysteriously broken {;D} so that kind of helped.  She went down for her naps in her big girl bed WITHOUT me laying with her. {SO NICE!}
She has started using two new words a that I LOVE... "uh-oh" and "yesss".  She really enunciates the "S" on yes and it is the cutest thing ever!
Another thing she has started doing... when she sees a park she will clap and say "yeah" over and over.  She gets so excited at the thought of it!
Derrick got the training for his A+ Certification today so he will be starting on that and be super busy learning all that new stuff.  I am praying he learns it all quick and is able to remember what he learns.  I would love for him to have it done before Easton comes but that might be a little soon.  He is still in the EQ presidency and stays busy with that.  He really enjoys most of the people he works with and I am very proud of him for the example he sets for those he works with.  He will tell  me stories of things he has done to defend our religion or his values and it makes me proud to be married to such a great man!  The people respect him and will apologize if they curse or say something inappropriate around him and will come to him if they have questions about the church and if he doesn't know the answer, he will research it and get back to them.  He is such a great husband and is so patient with what a bad housekeeper I am.   
I stay busy being mom and prefer to play and do things with Madi then keep our house clean.  When I do clean, she follows me around undoing everything I did.  I don't know how my mom did it with 10 of us!  I am so excited for Easton to get here.  I have to pace myself on getting things ready so I can still have things to get done for him before he comes.  Yesterday I got out his blankets, burp rags and diapers.  The diapers are so cute.  They are so small, nothing like Madi's. :D  I was kind of nervous about a boy at first but the closer it gets the more excited I am becoming.  Hopefully the boy stuff will be as easy as Madi has been. 
This week I moved a lot of the toys downstairs to our theater.  Our bulb went out to our projector a month before Madi was born and I have been hoping we would have extra money to get a new one sometime but I am beginning to face the reality that it will probably be 2047 before we have an extra $250 for a projector bulb.  So, we may as well let the kids go crazy down there, right?!?!?

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