She's an All Star!!!

Derrick got tickets to the All Star game at Bee's Stadium last week.  We were on third base.  The game wasn't super great, in fact it was pretty boring, but Madi had a great time and it was nice to enjoy some family time and they had an amazing firework show at the end.  It was Madi's first game and she didn't pay attention to any of it.  (I didn't think she would :D)  She loved going up and down the stairs, climbing in and out of chairs and over the backs of them. 
While she was getting some ice cream with Derrick she saw this monkey that she went crazy over.  (She has a bit of an obsession with ANY animal).  During the last inning she was asking to go for a walk and she wrapped it around her neck and walked all through Fanz loving on this monkey.  Lucky for her, grandpa had given Derrick a little bit of money to get her some peanuts and other snacks.  After her $6 scoop of ice cream, $4 bag of 30 peanuts and my $4.50 bottle of water she had just enough left for the monkey.  What a lucky little girl!

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