Wahoo... you're two!!!

[I have been working on this post for days but Blogger is being lame and I can't get my pictures in the order I want, so just pretend they are. :D]
Madi's friend, Guire, turned two a couple weeks ago and got some fun water toys for his birthday.  He invited Madi to come play.  The last two times she had been, I had left her to take Easton to the audiologists so when we pulled in the driveway she started crying saying "no, mama" thinking I was going to leave her again.  (As much as she loves Chani, Guire, Nash and Fenway, she likes when I'm there)
Here is Guire in his new pool.  He was having a blast but Madi refused to go more than five feet away from me for the first hour.  Silly girl!
Madi LOVES their dog, Fenway.  She talks about him all the time and gets so excited to see him.
Her other love, Nashy!
One of the highlights for the kids was peek-a-boo with the pool.  They thought it was the funnest and kept asking for more.


  1. so much fun!!!!! you are seriously the best blogger ever.