A birthday weekend...

Derrick's parents take us to lunch for our birthday's every year.  I love how special they make us feel and the little things they do to show us how much they love us.  Since it opened, I have gone to the Cheesecake Factory for my birthday.  I love that place!  It is always so yummy.  We met them there on Saturday (the 10th) for lunch.  I enjoy spending time with them and watching them with our kids.  They are such wonderful grandparents and I am glad they are so close to us.  Here is Madi and Grandma.
After lunch we walked around Fashion Place and stopped at the Wood Connection to pick up a few crafts.  Then it was off the the state fair.  Each year we get tickets from Derrick's work and it seems like it is always on my birthday weekend.  It's fun to go and see all the people and new things.  I especially love the photography exhibit.  Easton enjoyed being out in the sun (and rain) and watching everything that was going on.  He is always so happy.     
Madi LOVED the animals.  We let her go on a pony ride which thrilled her.  She was completely smitten with the bunnies and wanted to bring one home with us.  Since then she has told us several times that she wants a bunny.  So, if you know of anyone close to us that has a rabbit hutch they aren't using and wants to get rid of, we are looking for one. :D  
People would stop to play with Easton while we were looking at things.  He has the most captivating blue eyes.  We don't go anywhere without someone saying how beautiful they are.  I have to agree.
One of the things on our list to do at the fair was the Little Hands exhibit.  Madi really liked it last year and we knew this year would be more fun since she was older.  Here she is milking a cow.  She talked about this for days too.  She liked the cow and the sheep and talked about getting an egg from the chickens.  So fun! 
While we were looking at the bunnies it started to rain, not a lite rain, a down pour.  Got to love what the rain does to my hair... :P  
We bought Madi 10 tickets.  She rode a train and a hot air balloon ride and wanted to use the rest in the bounce house.  She went in that four different times!  The last time the guy said since there wasn't a line he would let her stay as long as she wanted.  She had a blast and it took some real convincing (or maybe bribery) to get her out. 
Our little guy was happy all day, wet or dry, he enjoyed being outside and seeing all there is to see at the fair.  I can't get enough of his grins and laughs.  He is such a good baby and so easy for me.  I love this kid! 

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