Labor Day...

On Labor Day we went to Union Station to check out the trains.  Madi LOVES them and will walk around saying "choo choo, all aboard" so Derrick wanted to go see the trains with us.  There were more open then when we went before.  Madi was able to climb up inside a lot of them and touch things.  They were a little intimidating to her once she saw what was inside.
That didn't stop her though.  She wanted to climb into every one of them.  You can't really tell from the pictures but she was loving it!
"all aboard!" 
Easton and I hung out and took pictures.  I went in a couple of the trains but thought I would let Derrick see them since I can go back easier then he can.
Madi picked a flower that was growing by one of the old trains.  It looked like it had caught on fire or something.  It was rusted and black inside and totally gutted.
Derrick liked this one a lot.  It is the train car used to bring the Olympic Torch into Salt Lake for the 2002 games.  
We walked through the museum which was actually pretty busy.  Madi liked to climb on things and see the model trains.  This is on a caboose.
The horses were still up from the parade of horses.  Madi thought they were cool and wanted to ride them.
I love when we have a three day weekend with Derrick.  It is always fun to take the kids places with him and see and learn new things.  We had a great day and were excited for the weekend since we had lots planned already!

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