I feel like such a bad mom for not getting pics of Easton eating his first solids, but I didn't, so his first biter biscuit with have to do.  He thought it was great until it slipped out of his fingers which caused him to cry big alligator tears until we helped him grasp it again at which point the routine repeated itself.  He loves solid foods but not the Gerber kind.  I have been giving him real fruits and veggies and I think it must be the texture and the better flavor of the real stuff because he cries now if I give him Gerber.  :D
He has been sitting by himself for a month now and really likes to play on his tummy or be in his jumpy jump.  He LOVES to clap.  He thinks it is hysterical.  I love his laugh.  Madi would squeal until she was one or so.  It is fun that he actually has a laugh and he seems to do it a good amount of the day.  He adores Madi.  He watches her every move and gets so excited when she pays attention to him.  (She is usually really sweet with him , however, doesn't like to get too close because he "spit up" on her.  It's really just drool.:D)  He still sleeps great and is an absolute joy to be around.  Such a sweet boy!!

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