A few more...

When Derrick came home I asked him to tell me a few things he wanted to remember about Madi at this age.  Here goes...
Anytime she says thank you she immediately follows with you're welcome. 
She walks around saying "aaw abowd da choo choo twain, aaw abowd, aaw abowd."  (all aboard the choo choo train, all aboard, all aboard)
Any type of ice cream, whether in a bowl, cone or shake, is refered to as an "ice cream cone", at least in her world.
She is starting to learn quite a few songs.  She loves to sing and asks for specific cds of hers. 
She asks every night to have "pammy night" (family night).
She calls Easton either "eesie, honey or beebee"  (Easty, honey and baby)
She LOVES lipstick/gloss and chap stick and is frequently digging in the diaper bag to find some.  She calls it "parcoes" (sparkles). 
She loves talking on the phone.
Madi ADORES her grandma and grandpa and as soon as we turn down their street she starts repeating grandma and grandpa's house.
When she farts, she announces to everyone, with a grin, "I tooterd, cuse me".
She hasn't yet learned the dreaded three letter word (WHY) but she does ask about 192 times a day "wha doin?"  When we answer, she asks it again. :D
I am sure I am missing some of those little things we love so much about her and since this is my journal I will probably be doing these posts more often so I can remember all this as she grows up.

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  1. Good job! I wish I had wrote more down while my kids were young... you will always be grateful you spent that few minutes. The kids are SO BIG! I can't believe it!