The Greatest Show on Earth!!!

Derrick got tickets from his work for the circus.  I was super excited because I had never been to the circus before and our seats were on the 16th row.   Madi was in awe the entire time.  I thought she might be a little scared with the lights out but she was just awe struck by all of it.  She got a "princess wand" and thought it was great!
Her favorite part was the zebras.  Even a week and a half later she still will tell you without hesitation that they were her fave.  She has never seen zebras in real life before since our zoo closed that exhibit when they began construction on the Rocky Shore exhibit.  She kept saying she wanted to ride one.  :D 
The pictures aren't great because it was dark and I had my point and shoot camera but that's ok.  You still get the idea.  These two guys have two massive logs and four girls on swings and a guy on top.  They spun them around.  They said they eat something like 7,000 calories a day each!   
My favorite parts were the tigers and the elephants.  I love to watch the elephants.  It is amazing what they train them to do.  Someday I would love to ride an elephant.  Maybe when we are retired and traveling the world... 
Aren't they so cute? 
I loved the circus!  Easton slept through the majority and Madi just sat, amazed at all there was going on.  We will definitely be going back someday.  Thanks babe for getting us the tickets! 

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