My little lady...

I have been meaning to do an update on Madi for a long time.  It seems like she went from baby to toddler to little girl over night.  She keeps me going and surprises me everyday.  Like yesterday, I went in to tell her quiet time was over (she refuses to nap) and she was completely naked, jumping on her bed.  Hopefully no one was looking in her window because her blinds were wide open! 
She has entered the PINK faze.  That is all she wants, her pink bowl, her pink spoon, her pink cup, her pink blanket, etc.  She does however compromise on her jammies because Tinkerbell is purple stuff.  She wants to wear Tinkerbell every night.  Good thing she has four pairs. 
She is doing pretty good at potty training most days (when I am not a slacker) with the #1 stuff but just can't seem to do #2 in the toilet.  We are bribing her though.  We told her that when she does it in the toilet we will get her Tinkerbell panties.  She reminds me of that promise every time she poops, not in the toilet...
She says some of the funniest things.  Anytime  I change a diaper, pull ups or undies she says "oooh! pooopies!"  and then follows with "Nope, jes wet" or "steeky, weeky" (stinky, winky) depending on the result.  She also says "wow, neyee" (wow, nelly), "oh, dawnet" (oh, darn it) and on occasion "goodness, gosh".  It is amazing the things they pick up on and say from what they hear others saying.  Some of it she comes up with herself.
Madi is a little monkey.  She climbs ANYTHING!!!!  The other day I found her on the counter looking on top of the fridge for a treat.  She uses her arms and pulls herself up into Easton's crib.  She is fearless on the playground.  I will be surprised if the kid doesn't break am arm or a leg by her next birthday.
Madi LOVES Easton and is usually very sweet with him.  Easton can't seem to take his eyes off of her when she's in the room.  She is funny, when she goes to hug him she lays right on top of him and squeezes him.  Poor little Easton just grunts and flails his arms and legs.  It makes me laugh every time. 
She loves to help us in the kitchen, play with her dolls, color, do crafts, be outside and watch movies.  She has several favorites.  Among them are Elf, Santa Clause, Monsters Inc, Nemo, Signing Time and any movie with an animal in it.  She still loves Tinkerbell and Disney Princesses.  She is a social butterfly and asks to play with her friends every day.
She has a great memory and talks about the same thing over and over.  When we went to the zoo in mid August the elephant went to the bathroom while we were there and she just stopped talking about it last week. 
She is totally smitten by her little friend Guire.  Last week we went to Antelope Island with them and they were sitting on a barrel for a picture.  It was on its side and made to be like a horse.  Guire put his arms around her waist and leaned on her back.  I took a few pics and then said all done.  Guire sat up and Madi said "one more!" with the biggest grin I have ever seen.  We had Guire hug her again and I took another.  Guire said "All done" and Madi said "one more".  Guess she figured since it worked last time she may as well try again. :D  She tells me on a daily basis that she wants to hold his hand.  Let me just clarify that I have not egged ANY of this on (since I am sure that's what my family is thinking :D) but I do think it is hilarious.  Guire isn't into the hand holding.  He tries to pull away so Madi will hold his hand with both of hers.  When she tries to hug him, he runs.  Madi corners him and does it anyway.  Poor Guire!
I am grateful for the time I have to be with Madi and that I am able to be a stay at home mom.  I love that kid so very much!  She melts my heart!

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  1. She is pretty cute! Time flies, I can't believe how old she is already.