I have to brag...

Congratulations to my older brother Nicholas, who graduated from UVU last Friday. They were so lucky to have President Thomas S. Monson speak at the commencement. Nicholas, Christina (his wife) and Whitney (his oldest daughter) watched as he left and kind of hung around a little. They decided to leave and Nicholas said "Let's walk this way" Next thing you know, they see a security guard and the door opens. Out walks Sister Monson and their daughter. Close behind was President Monson. We saw Whitney (she's four and a half) and said "Don't you have a pretty smile." He asked what her name was and she quitely told him. He asked her again and she said it louder. He asked her if she could blow him a kiss and she did. He shook her hand and continued on. What a sweet president and an amazing moment for my little niece to treasure. As they left she said to Nicholas "Dad, you tell all of your friends and I will tell all of mine!"

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  1. That is priceless. How wonderful and congrats to Nick.