Since we are putting the crib up this weekend we bought these sheets to put on it. After looking at them we love the pattern and wondered if we should just do our nursery around these sheets and these colors. Originally the plan was to wait until baby was here and then I would make the bedding based on the gender (browns, blues, greens and oranges for a boy and browns, creams and corals for a girl). So, what so you think? Should we wait or go with this?


  1. I think those would be beautiful colors for a boy or a girl!!! xoxo!

  2. personally I would wait. While I think those are fantastic colors for a boys room personally I would want a WHOLE lot more pink (or even just a little) if I was having a girl..... but I have a thing for pink and am DYING for Nate to finally have the girls room finished so I can start painting and have my dream little girls room done!