Well, the verdict is in. We aren't going to find out what the gender is until we get to see with our own eyes. Everyone is saying that it makes it hard to prepare or bummed we don't know but I think that it is exciting! The biggest reason is because Mindy doesn't want to know and if she doesn't want to know, neither do we! :) We feel totally prepared with the basics: diapers, wipes, a crib, a few blankets, bottle, binki's, milk, a pump and some onsies. That will get us through the first week or two until we are able to go shopping for the little one. We will have to stop and get a carseat but since we have already picked them out it isn't a big deal. It was a little more complicated to register not knowing but still so fun. We registered at Babies 'R' Us thinking we would find out so we did girl and boy stuff and had planned on deleting stuff after we found out. Last night we registered at Target knowing that we would be waiting to find out and registered for some necessities as well as some toys and books and a few gender neutral things. We also put a few boy things on there because I have had dreams about a little boy the past few months. All we know is that we are SO excited that we FINALLY have the oppertunity to bring this sweet little spirit into our home and we are humbled at the thought of raising him/her. We can't thank you enough Mindy, Tammy and Lani for the miracle you all are taking part in.

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  1. Aug. will be here before you know it. Wow, what a blessing. I love both of the names. They are both beautiful/handsome. I want pics of the nursery, sounds yummy : )
    Love you!!!!