Our fire alarms work...

Last night we were working on our laundry room. We were using acetone to remove paint from the cement. We were almost done when the pilot light from our water heater ignited the fumes. It was CRAZY! Derrick grabbed some towels from the bathroom and swatted out the rag that had caught fire but the fumes and smell was so strong we had to go outside. When we went out there was still a few flames so we called the fire department. By the time they got there the fumes had burnt up and the fire was out. All our neighbors were out side watching since we had two fire trucks, the fire pickup truck, a cop and the sherriff there. They came with sirens and lights and everything. It was pretty embarassing. Other than some soot and singed arm hairs, we are both fine and so is our laundry room. We are glad that it all worked out okay and we have learned our lesson that anytime we are doing anything that has fumes or is flammable, to turn off the gas before starting!

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