Six months...

Last Saturday was Madi's half birthday. She is six months old! It is amazing how fast the time has gone. We went to Sparetime for a little celebration. We let her ride on a merry-go-round and in the batmobile. She really didn't seem amused. :) Derrick and I bowled and she enjoyed watching us. We got her an outfit for the spring/summer. We had a great day as a family!

Madi has started scooting herself all over. On Saturday after we got her ready, we went to get ready and it got a little quiet in her room so we went to check on her. She was playing with her FAVORITE thing that mom always moves her away from... her drapes!

It is so funny to watch her when she gets so excited. She kind of forgets to breath and sometimes we have to put our hand on her chest and remind her. She loves to play in her drapes. I think it is because they are textured and somewhat sheer so she is able to learn and see things differently. I love her sounds and her smiles!

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