So spoiled...

Derrick made this Valentine's Day so special! He fixed us a great dinner, brought me flowers and gave me a beautiful necklace! Here is a side view...

The necklace was kind of to replace one he gave me a few years ago. Last April I was at my Grandma's spending the night and took it off and set it on the sewing table. I forgot to put it on the next morning and she had all the family over for dinner. Two of my cousins (age 2) played in there and I searched everywhere and couldn't find it. It is now my brother's room and he was moving into a different room so I told him to keep an eye out for it.

On Tuesday morning he called me. He mentioned to Grandma that he was looking for it and guess what??? She had it!!! She had asked all her girls if it was theirs and she didn't know who else to ask. Where did she find it??? Under the stairs, in the CHRISTMAS TREE!!! Seriously, why didn't I check there first??? :D

Anyway, I love the necklace and thought it was so sweet of him to do that for me. He is a great husband and I couldn't ask for anyone better to share my life, my dreams and my future with! I love you Derrick!!!

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