Sounds of the night...

Madi is a GREAT sleeper and usually goes to bed at eight or nine and then wakes up at five or six. Sunday's are the exception. Since we moved to eleven o'clock church she goes down for her afternoon nap late. Last Sunday I woke her up at eight because I was worried she would be up and ready for the day by three if I didn't. Well, I should have woke her up at seven or maybe even six.

At 3:11 she was up and she was ready to play! I fed her and changed her and rocked her and sang to her and she still wanted to play. I put her in her bed with one of her favorite little friends, her seahorse that plays music and lights up. Once she started talking to her I had to get out the camera. I hope you enjoy her sweet sounds as much as I do! What an angel!!!

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