Is it possible???

Is it really possible for this girl to get any cuter?  To me she does every day.  I love when she wakes up each morning and I can hear her chattering from her crib.  I love the big smile she gets when I poke my head in her room to get her up.  I love that she gives me a big kiss as soon as I pick her up.  I love that she is a daddy's girl.  I love how excited she is to be with him and how much she loves him.  I love that she will bring me books and want me to read them to her.  She is such a sweet little angel and I am grateful for every moment I have with her!
I think she is making some progress towards walking.  She has a toy that she pushes around the house.  Until last week she had been pushing it around on her knees.  She has started walking when she pushes it around now.  She is also starting to stand without holding onto anything.  She has been able to do this for a while but just hasn't been brave enough to do it for any amount of time.  I am crossing my fingers that she will be walking before the end of the year.
I thought this picture was cute.  It looks like she is getting all ready for her prayers.
Madi is starting to talk a lot more.  This morning she kept saying bottle over and over.  I wasn't understanding her and so she signed milk.  I LOVE that she can sign.  It helps so much! 

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