A lot of FIRSTS...

We had a great weekend and a wonderful start to the week.  It was one of those weekends that we didn't have anywhere that we HAD to be so we just did what we wanted.  It ended too fast, but they always do!
Madi adores her daddy and always wants to play with him or be held by him when he is home.  Saturday they were playing on the couch and were so cute so I had to get out the camera.
Madi knows her facial features and she loves to point to them and say them.
Madi LOVES her baby dolls and carries them just about everywhere.  She is such a good little momma!
Lately Madi has started putting her hand over her mouth when she laughs and when she cries.  My favorite is when she cries because she makes it seem SO dramatic! :) 
Sunday morning Madi wanted to sit on a chair.  Derrick got her all situated and then pushed the chair around the table.  She thought it was great and has wanted to do it a few times since.
Madi went to nursery for the first time on Sunday.  She is officially old enough but she is distracting the primary kids and it's Derrick's month to conduct in EQ.  After some convincing from the other ladies in the presidency, I brought her to nursery.  She LOVED it.  They said she did great!  Yeah for nursery!
Last night Madi went to the bathroom door and kept knocking on it.  She wanted to go in for something so Derrick opened it and followed her in.  She went to the toilet and pointed.  Derrick asked if she wanted to go potty and she nodded yes.  She didn't actually go, but this morning before her bath I sat her on again and she actually went!  I am so proud of her!  I gave her a Tinkerbelle sticker for going potty in the toilet.  It is still a little early to start potty training but maybe this is a sign that she will be easy.  (A girl can hope, can't she! :D)
Some of her other first: She said CHOCOLATE and THANK YOU and she stood by herself twice yesterday and did great until she realized she wasn't holding on to something.

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