Our ward Christmas party...

Friday night was our ward Christmas party.  We had such a great night with the friends in our ward.  We ate yummy food and watched a program that was written and directed by one of Madi's FAVORITE babysitters, McKinley (her other is Megan, McKinley's sister).  She casted the play with kids from our primary.  They had great props and a beautiful script.  McKinley is only eleven but it was one of the best programs I have seen.  Of course since I am in the Primary and I adore all those little kids it made it that much more special.
The gym was decorated so cute!  Thank you Stacie, Ammon, Emily, Matt and anyone else who helped to make it such a great night!
Madi made a new friend.  I should have got pictures but didn't even think about it.  There is the cutest little boy a few months younger than her, Bronson, that she played with.  She is so social!  I love it.  She kept playing with his hair.  He has a head full of curls.  I told his mom it was because she's jealous!  Her mullet is coming in nice!
With Madi off playing it gave me a few minutes to snuggle with Vivianne, one of Liseanne's adorable twins.  They were born just before Thanksgiving.  It makes me anxious for baby to come.  I was surprised that Madi wasn't at all jealous.  She did come over to see and got up on my lap and softly touched her hand and then got back down to play.  She is going to be such a goos big sister!  I am so very blessed to be her mom! 

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