A day at the zoo...

Chantel and I took the kids to the zoo today.  (Note to self... don't go to the zoo the last week of school EVER again!)  It was a mad house, kids everywhere!!!  We still had a lot of fun though.  Chantel's mom and her nephew came with us too.
They have Zoorassic Park right now and have brought in these cute little horses.  The kids didn't want to get off.
 This was Easton's first trip to the zoo.  Of course he just slept the whole day. :D
 Me and my little ones.  It isn't very often I get a picture with them.  Thanks Chantel!
 Little Miss Madi...
 Madi really wanted to hold Guire's hand but Guire wanted none of that!  Then while we were watching the elephant show she gave him a hug and then struck this pose.  Guire wasn't totally cool with that either. :D
 I love that they are friends!  Madi talks about him all the time!
 My pretty little lady...
 Madi didn't want to see the gorilla's.  She told me that even before we left our house.  They scare her. 
 They had lots of dinosaurs and even one the kids got to play on.
 This one's for you, Jayden!
 The kids were wiped out!  We called it a day!
 Of course since it was Easton's first trip I had to get some pictures for his baby book.  Madi wasn't having it.
 But, I got a few cute ones of my little dude...


  1. Cute pictures! Madi is just too darn funny. I love how she poses for her pictures. :)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pics. The one of Madi posing is my favorite. Guire is sitting on my lap... Madi Lissa Baby... Madi Lissa Baby. : )