A perfect Monday...

Yesterday was such a great day!  Why???  Mostly because Derrick only had to work a half day but also because it was a nice, sunny, relaxing, lazy day.  It began with big smiles and coos from that beautiful baby of mine.  I love this stage where they really start to show their personality and respond and play.  (It's also how I finished my day :D)  When Derrick got home it was off to the court house to get temporary custody of Easton.  (It is just a technicality we had to do this time since we did a private adoption.  We've had custody since he was born.)  We came home to a smiley girl and although we had planned on going to Tracy Aviary, Madi wanted to go swimming.  Surprise, surprise! :D  We had already planned on stopping to see Grandma and Grandpa Hawkins so we put on our suits, grabbed our towels and went to the South Davis Rec Center in Bountiful.  It is one of our favorite pools and since it is summer the outside portion was open.  It was the first time Madi has been able to go out there and she LOVED the pirate boat and the shallower pool.  The sun had heated it up quite nicely and it was about the temperature of Easton's bath water.  We put him in the tube and he yawned and fell fast asleep!
I tried to get a picture of Madi with him but she wanted to play, not have her pictures taken.  So, we splashed and played and swam and slid down the slide and floated through the lazy river and swam some more.  Before we left I grabbed my camera again and snapped a few shots.  Easton woke up and enjoyed the water with his daddy.   
What is it about black and white that makes the picture so much more precious???  I love this one of the two of them. 
Madi is starting to be more and more brave around the water which excites me but also makes me worry.  We need to get her in swimming lessons.  Maybe in the fall we will take a mommy/daddy and me class with both of them.  (I think they have to be six months so we will wait for Easton.)   
Madi LOVES LOVES LOVES to jump lately so she was thrilled when she got to "jump" off Derrick's legs.  He is such a great daddy to our kids!   
We tried to teach her a few things yesterday.  We let her hang onto the wall by herself.  We taught her to blow bubbles in the water.  We let her float on her back (of course she held onto me with a death grip).  We let her kick.   
Here she is, swimmin'... 
When we told her it was time to go she was not happy.  We got her out and put her towel on and next thing we know she is making a mad dash for the pool.  We promised to bring her back and she did leave happy but has already told me today "swimmin, daddy, eaton, mama, pool".  She'll have to wait til another day. 
After the pool we went a spent a few hours with Grandma and Grandpa, had yummy hamburgers and strawberry shortcake and put the kids to bed early.

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  1. OK... I love all of these pictures. Seriously so so cute. I love Easton in his floaty. So Sweet!!!