WARNING: Due the the graphic nature of this post, please proceed with caution (I say penis)...
Today Easton got circumcised.  I know what you are thinking...  Why did we wait so long?  Well, I wanted it done at the hospital when he was born.  The pediatrician there told us that Easton didn't have enough foreskin to do the ring and that is the only kind he did.  He told us it isn't a big deal and just do it at our two week appointment.  Easton's pediatrician went to Africa for the month of May.  We saw his nurse practitioner and she told us that she had only performed one circumcision and we should probably wait for Dr. Wade to come back.  She assured us that it was fine to wait, we just need to make sure we have it done before he turns one. 
Since it didn't seem like anyone thought I needed to get it done right away, I figured I would just do it the same time I do his two month check up.  I called this morning to schedule that and the receptionist started freaking out.  She wanted to know how far away I live because I should have already had that done and we couldn't wait until next week (when his two month check up is) and said it is much harder the older they are and so on and so forth. 
Well, everyone of them were right.  It can be done later.  Our doc even said he has done it on an adult.  However, it is harder on all involved.  Even at two months the nerves in the penis are more developed.  They gave Easton the numbing shot and it didn't work.  The poor boy felt the whole thing.  The other draw back... the older you are the more risk of bleeding.  We came home and when I changed his diaper his penis started gushing blood.  I called the doctor and they told me to bring him back.  (Our doctor is in south Bountiful so about 35 minutes away).  So, I brought him back.  They tried to cauterize the spots that were bleeding but it didn't work so in the end, Easton has four stitches, lots of cauterizing and a VERY sore and swollen penis.  If I had known I would totally have brought him sooner.  The poor guy!!!   


  1. Oh man! Poor guy! Our pediatrician always made us wait till they were 6 weeks old. Just take comfort in knowing he won't remember it at all.

  2. Oh my goodness. That sounds terrible. Poor baby. I hope that he is feeling better today.

  3. Poor little guy! Don't worry...Cordell had it done right on the hospital but we didn't do Kayden till he was one. We joked that it was so we could tell them apart, but really it was for medical reasons!

    I am glad that little Easton is doing well!