The verdict is in...

We finished painting the room on Saturday and got the crib put up. We put the sheet on and ugh! The colors did not look good with our crib color! Who would've thought there was this much matching to worry about? I love it! :) Anyway, so we picked some colors for a boy or a girl and I think they will work out really well.

We went to check out rocking chairs on Saturday and I mentioned stopping in at Down East. Turns out it was their tent sale. They had one rocker/glider left and it is the one I had been looking at on the Pottery Barn website! I was so excited.

This picture is from their website but this is the one. Retail is $999 and we paid $155! I was SO excited! I love it. They didn't have the ottaman which is totally fine. If you look at the wall on the picture, that is exactly what we are doing to the bottom 5 feet once we get the money. It is all starting to come together and Derrick and I are having so much fun shopping for and looking for stuff for our baby! I can't wait!

Thanks for the responses! Jenn, I want to see pictures of the girls room when it is done. I'm sure it will be super cute!


  1. How exciting to get such a deal! Glad you are having so much fun!

  2. wow, I am jealous! where exactly are you BTW? You can't be to far :D

    And yeah in 27 years when the girls room is done i'll be sure to post pictures so maybe my great grandchildren could 1 day stay in a finished room :D