Brenton, Pepsi and Questions...

My sister-in-law had my nephew on August 10, just ten days after Madi was born. She came up this week so I could take some pictures of Brenton and I tried to get a picture of the two of them. Madi wasn't having it and Brenton was trying to eat her. Guess I'll have to try another time.
Christina brought her two girls also, Whitney and Caitlin. While we were eating dinner, Whtiney (age 5), asked "Lissa, how long have you been trying to own a baby?" I had to try so hard not to laugh! I love the things that come out of that little girls mouth. :)Finally, a picture of her awake! She sleeps so much compared to Brenton. Madi is only awake about six hours a day but every time I see Brenton he is wide awake!Derrick's work gave us a blanket, onsie, nightgown, hat, bib, bottle, sippy cup and diaper bag with the Pepsi logo and the clothes and blanket say "I'm a Pepsi baby!" For those that don't know, he works for a distributor and among other things, they do Pepsi products. This is her Pepsi shot to go on daddy's desk!


  1. Such cute pics, the one of the 2 of them together takes me back a few months with the girls, I miss it, they are getting so big.

  2. those are very sweet pictures! And wow about how much she's sleeping, that is fantastic!