On Sunday, I got Madi up and laid her on the couch while I was making her bottle. Madi HATES to have her hands covered. She always manages to get her arms out no matter how tight I swaddle her. So, I was surprised at all when I saw her little hand poking out the top. I went to make her bottle and when I turned back around... ...this is what I saw. She is such a cutie!
Sunday was also the day that Madi turned one month old. I can't beleive how fast it has gone and how much she has grown!I am one month old! Look how big I am getting!!! Since she was one month, we decided to see how she did in her crib. So, this picture is the first night Madi slept in her room. She did great and has slept in there every night since!
Funny story... Yesterday I got Madi up from her nap and laid her down to change her diaper before feeding her. I was holding her legs up to wipe her and I heard her sucking. I looked up to see what she was sucking away at and it was her big toe!!! I couldn't help but laugh! What a sweetheart!

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  1. WOW! She looks LONG in the stripey sock pic!